Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Year High School Reunion

Last weekend I headed back to my hometown, Aurelia, for my 10 year high school graduation. Ten years! Already!

It was really great to see everyone and catch up. Since my parents moved from Aurelia to their acreage in Pocahontas in 2008, I haven't been back to Aurelia or hung out with anyone there since then. Good thing we have Facebook these days, though, so we can all keep in touch.

First, a group of us met at the school for a tour around the old building to see all the changes. We started at the kindergarten hallway and made our way up and and back down to the high school hallway.

It was fun to see all the new changes and reminisce about all the memories we had during our 13 years there together (although for me it was only 10 years since I moved into the Aurelia district in 3rd grade).

The quilt is still there!! And a few people were able to point of the location of their name in no time at all!

The hallway we spent our high school years. Oh, the memories that stand in this empty hallway!

After the tour we headed to the golf course for dinner. Thanks to Jess for arranging and picking up all the food. Also, big thanks to Diane, April's mom, for the sweets!

To end the night, we decided to head to The Tap, a familiar hangout to keep the memories flowing.

I think back on my hometown and childhood memories and always have a smile. I really loved growing up in our little town and am grateful to have had that experience. I don't make it back there much (or ever, really) but I miss everyone and really had a great time seeing my classmates again!

See you again in another 10 years, Class of 2003!