Wednesday, September 11, 2013

and we're off! #hls13

Gosh, is this busy summer over yet to I can start blogging more again?!?

Ha! Just kidding! Although, summer was pretty busy and fun-packed, I definitely could've fit in some more posts. I just have chosen not to zone out in front of the computer editing pics. Such a lazy blogger I am! I have been missing it though!

AttendingBadge A Blogging Vacation

So tomorrow I am hitting the road with my Blend, Alex, and heading north to Minneapolis, MN, for the Healthy Living Summit. There we're going to meet up with Amanda who has graciously opened up for home to Alex, Katie, and I to stay for the weekend. So excited for a fun girls weekend!

We'll be spending our time at some great restaurants, mingling with new friends, learning some helpful blogging information, touring the organic food company, Wild Harvest, participating in some fun workouts, and lots more I'm sure. As emails and information has gone out, our heads have been spinning trying to get all of the many fun activities sorted out.

I'm one of the lucky ones that's getting into town early on Thursday night. I'm a part of the HLS Street Team and was given the opportunity to volunteer to host one of the many activities going on this weekend. It just so happened since I'm in town on Thursday that I get to host part of the fun evening we have planned in Uptown. If you will be here by 5:30 on Thursday evening meet us for a night out! I'm leading a group to dinner at Chino Latino. This restaurant was deemed a must-visit by Becky recently so I'm excited to check it out! After dinner we're headed to the popular rooftop bar, Sky Bar. The martinis here sounds awesome (I've got my eye on the Bo Derek- coconut rum, pineapple juice and blood orange. Yum!)

The only reason I'm sad to leave my home state this particular weekend, though, is that I'm missing the big rival football game, Iowa vs. The Winners. Oh, oops, I mean, Iowa State ;)  I'm sad to miss this game but you can bet I'll be rocking the Cyclone gear on Saturday at the summit!

For the many of you heading to MSP this weekend, I can't wait to meet you! And for the ones that aren't making the trip I'll be sure to give you updates on Instagram and Facebook! and then I'll also do some recaps on the blog after we return! Hopefully still in the month of September- but...we'll see ;)