Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Currently: August 2013

Hi! I've been gone for a little while so I thought I'd jump right in and catch you up on what I can! :)

Currently : August 2013

Current books Totally slacking on reading lately. Not even reading a book right now. I haven't even been doing any blog reading. I've been reading training and reference materials for work and a travel book about Washington DC when I traveled there last week. Also, been reading realty listings over and over...and over.

Current music: I am obsessed with Matt White's song, Love and Affection. Not even sure what genre this falls under but totally love!

Current guilty pleasure: Hmmm, well tonight I indulged in a bowl of Lucky Charms. I don't usually buy sugary cereal but mom and dad have this kind at their house so had a bowl! Always eat the cereal pieces first and save the marshmallows for last! :)
Current nail color: Naked, as usual! I wish I cared more and always had more nails painted but it's just never at the top of my priority list.

Current drink: Water, water, and more water. I rarely drink anything but water. It's my fav! 

Current food:  Tonight Dad grilled us burgers, mom made homemade French fries and I made us vanilla shakes!

Current favorite show:
 I admit...I freakin' love watching the Kardashians. I love their bond with each other and that they have absolutely no filter around each other. Khloe cracks me up. Tim and I have also been catching up on all our DVR'ed Shark Week episodes. I was in DC last week for work and we haven't had much time to watch much yet.

Current needs:
I neeeeed it to be Friday!

Current wish list:
I wish for it to be Friday! And for one more step in our lives to be here!  ;)

Current triumphs:
Hmmm,  not sure on this one. I'll say getting back into running. Tim and I ran the dogs Friday, Monday and Tuesday night. We ran about 1.5-1.8 miles. I haven't run or done much cardio at all since early May! I really need to get back into the habit!

Current bane of my existence:
Waiting for Friday to come and make a final decision!

Current celebrity crush:
No one really in particular today. But it's always Tyrese Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Channing Tatum!

Current indulgence:
I guess my Lucky Charms from earlier :)

Current blessing:
That I have a job I like, an organization I like working for, and a position that challenges me.

Current slang:
I still say OMG quite a bit! lol

Current outfit:
As I sit here typing this I'm wearing a black cami tank and some of mom's comfy cotton capris. Nothing too special! Comfy is always the way to be when at home.

Current excitement :
Excited to hang out with my friends from high school tomorrow night, Kati and Jess! We live fairly close to each other and don't hang out nearly enough!

Current mood: Getting sleepy! Other than that happy, anxious, and exited for the days, months, and years ahead!

Current link:
Like I mentioned earlier, I haven't been browsing online much lately, haven't read many blog posts, and haven't even kept up much on Facebook or Instagram lately. So I'm going to give a little love to my new found favorite salad shop, Chopt. I stopped here while in DC and absolutely loved it! You choose the type you want and they add all ingredients to a bowl, then you move down the line and chop it all up really well, then the dressing is mixed in and back into a bowl it all goes. Soo good! The only problem is there's not one anywhere near where I live! Wahhhh!! :'(   If there was, this would def be my first choice of restaurant 9 times out of 10! Soo good! And who doesn't agree that an assembled-for-you salad is much better than one you have to prepare and throw together yourself?!? Right!

I miss you all! What have you been up to?