Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big News!!

Finally! We finally got the very last of all our stuff out of Tim's house tonight! Yay!

So in my last post I was kinda cryptic about being really excited for Friday to be here...

Well Friday we finally closed on Tim's house!

I was pretty quiet about it because, well, I'm superstitious! I didn't wanna jinx us by getting all excited and planning for a new house and then not have it work out. But August 16th finally got here and the buyer signed the papers!

The past 4-5 weeks Tim and I have both been busy traveling for work, making sure the house was ready for inspections and final walk-throughs, scouring Iowa Realty for the perfect house, driving through potential neighborhoods, getting Kaydin ready to start first grade, and enjoying the last few days of summer. No time for blogging! Plus, I was just too nervous to speak too soon! :)

Since they almost backed out once a couple weeks ago, we didn't pack or move anything until after they signed the papers Friday. That meant that the weekend was jam packed with moving stuff.

Friday night was our last pizza night on S. 13th. We made sure to get some pics and drink some wine! :)


Friday night also ended up being our last night sleeping there, too. We moved the beds and most of the furniture out on Saturday.
We filled up two of these babies!

While we packed and carried things Kaydin took some time to cuddle with the dogs.

Many of you are probably wondering what's next for us, where will we be living? Well, since we didn't want to get stuck with two mortgages in case the buyers really did not go through with the sale, we didn't jump on purchasing anything yet. The past couple weeks we really started looking and trying to make a decision. Our final two choices are not ready to move-in yet. One house isn't quite done being built yet, the other top choice the builder won't let us move in until the mortgage is transferred.

So for now, it's a huge blessing I kept my apartment! Now we just have to pick a house and start the countdown process for our closing process to be done!