Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Color Run 2013

This year when I found out The Color Run was coming back to Des Moines, I knew I'd be there again! The energy of this race is just so addicting and so fun! I was excited to be able to experience it with my daughter, Kaydin, this time!

I knew Calee, Alex, and Amanda were participating in the run, too. I had been texting with them that morning. It was pure luck, though, that I turned around to see them 20 feet behind me. A quick hop through the gate and they were in the starting shoot with me!

We walked the majority of the race, but with this type of fun run, that's kinda the point (in my opinion anyway). It was fun to just stroll and chat with these girls! So glad I'll be seeing them again soon!

After the race, pre color cloud!

Post color cloud!

I think the Color Cloud after crossing the finish line was Kaydin's favorite part!  Music pumping, people dancing, color powder flying through the air, it's definitely the best part of the race!

We found my friend Kristyn at the finish line!

Kaydin had a great time! A fun experience that I'm glad we got to have together! Hopefully we'll participate in more races together in the future!

She wasn't cooperating with these last few pics, lol!