Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scenes from the weekend 6.28-6.30

Last weekend (along with this one we're in now) was packed full! Of course, I'm just now getting around to telling you about it because 1. I'm still busy enjoying life, and 2. I'm lazy and a blog-posting-procrastinator lately!

Last Friday night we headed to Ames for my friend, Kati's wedding reception. It was so fun to hang with my close friends from high school for a night and see many of her family members that I saw quite a bit while living at home.

Can't take these two goofs anywhere! No matter what they are always messing around and having fun. They both ended up with green frosting up their nose!

My friend, April, the one that lives in Texas now, teaches ballroom dancing so Kaydin took advantage of the opportunity and learned some new moves. Kaydin then moved on to the bride and taught her the steps she just learned!
The wedding was really fun; the food was delicious, the company great, and the weather perfect! I'm glad I was there to be a part of Kati's special day.

The next morning we headed to Omaha, NE to spend the weekend at the zoo and waterpark with my parents and brother. The weather was awesome this day, too! It couldn't have been better for a day to spend outside strolling the zoo.

The little brat still works her magic and gets carried around by her daddy!

After the zoo and for some time on Sunday morning, also, we had fun floating the lazy river and flying down the slides at the hotel waterpark.

Sunday around noon we snapped a few pics and headed our separate ways with Kaydin in Mom and Dad's vehicle for her summer vacation with them. While she's been away I've been having some fun with Tim and friends. Maybe I'll get you caught up and all the things I've been doing this week before next weekend rolls around. ;)

I hope everyone had a great 4th!! The 4th of July was always my favorite holiday growing up because Josh and I spent a couple weeks with my Grandma in Kansas, always over the 4th of July. And in Kansas fireworks are legal! We spent the morning and all day lighting our smoke bombs and swimming in her pool and then at night all of their friends and the neighbors gathered in our yard for a spectacular fireworks display! I always looked forward to the confetti angel food cake and hanging out on a blanket in the yard for the colorful show. Miss those days.

What was your favorite holiday as a kid?