Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scenes from the week: July 1-7

Yep, I'm back tracking all the way to the beginning of the month. I know none of you probably care what I did this particular week but I'm documenting more for my own memories. I like to think back and remember what I did on that weekend one year ago, or know how I spent 4th of July 2013. Also, this is the week Kaydin was gone with my parents so it's fun to think back and remember how I spent my rare-as-gold-free-time by myself.

And here we go!...

Monday, July 1
Kaydin Baby got to take swimming lessons again during the week she spent with them.

After work I headed it to Tim house for a run with him and the dogs. We rarely get to run together given Kaydin is always with us at night when we walk the dogs and out by his house there aren't sidewalks. We walk them on the main roads with a fair amount of traffic. I'm always paranoid and keep my eyes glued to her. It's not a safe place for her to ride her bike and she wouldn't keep up if we tried to run with her. So a couple times a year Tim and I run together outside near the house.

After we showered, we headed out the door for a quick supper at Quiznos before heading the Fast & the Furious 6. Good flick! I have liked pretty much all of them, though, so I was excited to see this one, too. This was a fun night! We hit two activities that we don't get to partake in too often together!

Tuesday, July 2
Tuesday evening, after a normal day at work, I noticed some kale and brussel sprouts in the fridge that needed to be used up. A quick saute with some spices and I had the prefect solo dinner since Tim and Kaydin wouldn't be super excited about this dish. I still owe you a recipe for this; I hope to get it out there soon! Super quick and easy!

I met Tim for some browsing in new neighborhoods to see if there was anything we liked to get a feel for some future planning in the evening.

Earlier in the day I went down to Creme Cupcake to snag some of the cupcakes featured on Cupcake Wars. Tim went to high school with the owner but I'd never met her yet. Her shop is close to campus where I work so I swung in there to meet her and bring home some cupcakes to Tim. I had my greens for the day so I was fully ready to indulge :)

Wednesday, July 3
Wednesday once I finally got off worked started my four day weekend! Wednesday was my "me time" day! I left work a little early and headed to the mall and grocery store. I went to Forever 21 first. I love that store for their fun, cheap jewelry. Next, I headed to Costco to stroll through the warehouse at my leisure. I'm usually with Kaydin so I try to be in and out.This time I took my time, checked out labels and tried to find some good options for Kaydin's lunches. Next was Trader Joe's for some essentials.

I had no plans for the night but shopping and spending time getting it all put away, solo tv time, cleaning and just relaxing. It's summertime which means Big Brother! So excited any night that is on. It's even better when I can watch it alone and not be bothered. ;)  #guiltypleasure

Found this big bag of sunflower seed cookies at Costco. Ate way too many throughout the weekend! So freakin' addicting but sooo good! 

BluePrint was a sponsor at Blend. This along with the pineapple mint flavor was my favorite!

Thursday, July 4
On the morning of the 4th of July, Tim and I headed to the store to get some barbeque supplies to take out to his dad's house. He lives out in the country on a pond and the view is just perfect. It's so pretty out there. We spent a few hours with him then headed back into town to go our separate ways.

Tim ended having to go up to Ames for some fraternity meetings and I went with a couple girlfriends to the movie The Heat. So.freakin.funny! With the weather being as close to perfect as it could get, we wanted to find a patio to sit on for dinner. Since it was a major holiday, though, all our choices were closed. We settled on Red Lobster. It was actually the first time I had ever been there. It wasn't spectacular but it was definitely good!
We headed back to Kristyn's house for the fireworks show. She lives close to a park where the fireworks are lit. We got a great view! Although, I've never been so close that debris falls on my head! Pieces of cardboard covered her lawn, our cars, and ourselves! 

Friday, July 5
Friday morning I headed out a a short bike ride to get a little movement in before heading to the pool with Kristyn for some laying out. When I spend time at the pool with Kaydin I'm in the water and always trying to keep my eye on her. When I get a chance to go without her I take full advantage and lay there to just soak up the sun. Although, it got hot enough to hang out in the water this time. We spent a few hours outside then retreated inside for some watermelon slushies and baked ruffles.

Once we got cleaned up and decided on a plan we ventured out to a local Mexican restaurant for taco salads. All of us were definitely not feeling Mexican food the night before but the next day it was just what I was craving!

Saturday, July 6
Saturday morning Tim treated me to breakfast at my favorite spot for pancakes. Mimi's Cafe has THE BEST pancakes! And pancakes aren't even a food I really like that much. Of course I like them but I could usually take 'em or leave 'em. But Mimi's pancakes- OMG so good!

He's always trying to mess up my food pics! lol
 After breakfast we ran to Wal-Mart and the mall to get a few errands out of the way. Once we got that outta the way I did some laundry and finally baked our other pie we made a few months back during our pie baking class. I have been wanting this pie for sooo long and just haven't had a good chance to bake it. I wasn't letting this weekend pass without getting it in the oven! This one tasted just as good as the previous one. Yum! I seriously want a slice of his pie!

Since we had already eaten out a few times throughout the weekend we were craving some hearty, healthy fresh salads instead of another meal out at a restaurant. This one had grapes, walnuts, blue cheese, and Trader Joe's cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing under romaine hearts.

With some toasted whole grain, seedy bread with bruschetta and olive tapenade from Trader Joe's, it was the perfect meal.

We spent a low key night at home watching the movie The Call with Halle Berry. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend!
Her stuffed animals missed her while she was gone, lol. I sent her a pic of them as they waited for her to return.
Sunday, July 7
Sunday I finished up some stuff around the house before my weekend of freedom was over. I finished folding all the laundry, helped Tim do some yardwork, took the dogs for a walk and then headed to Target to check out the clearance sections before heading out of town to pick up Kaydin. I met mom home at the halfway point between their house and Des Moines. It's always nice to have time to myself to not be a parent 24/7 but I miss my mini-me when she's gone. I miss her when she's gne and get excited when she comes home. We ended our 4th of July weekend with a trip to the pool and then got ready to get back the grind again the next morning.