Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scenes from my solo trip to the market

This morning neither Tim nor Kaydin were feeling hitting up the Downtown Farmer's Market with me. Instead of skipping myself, I ventured down there for a solo trip! I didn't want to waste this sunny Saturday morning! We haven't gotten too many of them this spring, so I didn't let it pass by without spending some time outside. Thousands of others felt the same :)

I think this may have been my first time ever going to the market by myself, but it was so relaxing and refreshing to just stroll at my own pace and snap pics along the way!



  1. Oh, I wish our farmers market was like dsm! I love it there :)

  2. Love the pics! I'm excited to be in the area soon so I can go, too. I'm not sure Phyll will feel the same way ... but maybe we can go if you have a day you're solo again!


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