Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pickled Asparagus

I always get excited come May because that means it's asparagus season! There are lots of patches around the sections near my parents house and Dad and Josh spend all month finding as many spears as they can.

Kaydin and I join when we make it back home on the weekends.

Josh is really serious about hit asparagus hunting this year. I call him The Asparagus Hunter! lol

This year we have a new mode of transportation to gather our harvest. Josh has been finding so many different patches this year he has almost filled up the bed of our asparagus-getter! All the rain we've gotten has really helped them to pop!

My Grandma Lyon followed a recipe for pickled green beans that I just loved. I still have a hand-written copy of her special recipe! Sorry- can't share this one though, it's sacred and for the family's eyes only! ;)

A couple years ago I decided to try the recipe using asparagus instead of the standard green beans. They turned out great! 

Now I can enjoy her recipe even more ways!

Have you ever tried pickled asparagus?