Monday, June 3, 2013

Our weekend

What a fun filled weekend!! Mondays always come too fast! Tim had a friend visiting from out of state so we didn't see him too much this weekend since him and his friends had a few things planned. Kaydin and I also had many fun activities planned through the weekend.

Friday started early with me ducking outta the office a little earlier than usual and meeting up with Kaydin in her classroom for a poetry party, reading books, cookies, and lemonade.
We won't talk in detail about our bummer Friday night...I'll just say I had a new-to-me-bike from my co-worker that I've already broken :( Kaydin and I set out on our first bike ride together(with both of us on a bike) but didn't make it even out of the driveway before something had gone horribly wrong with the chain guider (yes, my very technical term. I know nothing about bikes...can you tell?!? lol). The back tire stopped turning, I looked down and found it in the spokes. Reaaallllly don't think it's supposed to work like that. Tim came over for what he thought may be a quick fix but definitely wasn't! We loaded it up and to the bike shop it went :( :( No bike riding for us this weekend. Instead, we pouted and made a trip to Jimmy John's for an easy and no-fuss supper.

Saturday morning we made an early trip to the library to get signed up for summer reading programs and stock up on new books before coming home to get our bake on using up some overripe bananas- perfect for some banana bread! The only recipe I like and really ever use is my mom's. This time, though, I thought I'd try a new one. This one from Sally's Baking Addiction did NOT disappoint! 

 Later in day it was time for me to head out and meet up with Jamie for my friend Megan's fitness show! She had been training since January for this show and I was SOO excited and proud to see her on stage.

I didn't get a pic of her on stage since I was using my phone to video her walk, but I did capture
this pic earlier in the night. Some of the guys were huge! Probably not more than 3% body fat and ripped! 

Afterwards, we hit up Gusto Pizza to conquer her pizza craving! After 20 weeks of following intense diet and workout plans I'd say she deserved it! :)

Sunday morning we were right back out the door after a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs to meet my friend Kristyn for some antiquing. I have soooo much glassware and jars I had to hold back quite a bit but I did find the perfect cabinet to fulfill my vision for what I want to display all that glass. Too bad it was $995! :(

We retreated back to her house after a few hours of browsing the antique-packed aisles and played an impromptu game of twister! Lots and lots of laughs watching Kaydin's short legs get tangled in her arms trying to accomplish every pose we called.

Finally later in the afternoon we made it back home and Kaydin insisted on hitting up the pool. We hadn't gone yet this year and it was a detangling night anyway so I agreed. She was the only one in the suit, though. It's been too dang cold here for me to want to get in the water! It was a quick swim for her too as her teeth were chattering only 10-15 minutes after we got there and she'd had enough!

 After her warm bath we relaxed and hung out til it was time to make supper. An easy dish I threw together using veggie pasta, peanut sauce from Whole Foods, steamed broccoli, and sesame seeds. Turned out pretty good!

A quick trip to DQ after supper for some soft serve cones and that was our weekend! A pretty good one to kick-off the summer season!

What did YOU do this weekend?