Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring and Summer Top 20 Bucket List

Even though it sure doesn't feel summer around Iowa this weekend (many areas are now even flooded), we have many activities in mind that we want to accomplish this spring and summer! I know we won't get to all of these activities, but at least now I have a list to work off of :)

  1. Visit arboretum in Madrid
  2. Hickory Park
  3. Living History Farms
  4. Visit the local aquatic centers
  5. Brunch at Americana
  6. Walk trails at Raccoon River Park
  7. Ride bike at Gray's Lake
  8. Run 5k with Kaydin (Color Run)
  9. Get a tan
  10. Take dogs for walks at Browns Woods Forest
  11. Watch Kaydin play softball
  12. Stroll thru the shops at East Village
  13. Visit and Downtown Farmer's Market and Valley Junction Farmer's Market often!
  14. Breakfast at Green Grounds Café in Valley Junction
  15. Make watermelon slushies
  16. Make multiple new juice recipes
  17. Make peach sorbet
  18. Berry picking at Berry Patch Farms
  19. Go to the State Fair
  20. Watch Tim in his lifting competitions
I could keep adding to this list but I'll stop here! Here's to making as many of these activities happen as possible!

Locals: what will you be doing this summer?

Non-locals: what will be you sure to hit up this summer in your area?


  1. I love this list! I live in the Des Moines area as well. I love to go to wineries and listen to music while sipping on wine.

    1. Hi Katie! Love to hear from fellow Des Moinesians :) Yes, Jasper was on my list to make it to last summer and we didn't. Maybe this year!

  2. I love this list! Can't wait to hear stories as you cross off items!

    I'm entering some of my treats in the county fair for the first time, and we're hoping to build a new dining room table.

  3. I should make a more extensive bucket list, but to be honest, right now the only things I can really put on it are:
    1. Get excellent grades in my first two Health Promotion classes.
    2. Move to Alabama without having a "What am I doing with my life?" freakout. [OK, without having more than one. Or two. ;)]


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