Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Glow Run

Last night was The Glow Run 5k here in Des Moines. It was the biggest one so far with 12,000 people! Des Moines also held the biggest Color Run on record last October. Des Moines representin' in these races! And I'm excited that I can say I was a part of both of them!

I have to admit I wasn't too into this race leading up to it. I knew it would be fun, I just wasn't really excited for it and I was feeling take it or leave it. A small part of me was hoping for some rain to have a reason to skip it.

I'm sooo glad it didn't rain, though, because then I never would've had the chance to RUN my first 5k! I am so excited I ran the whole thing! I've never run more than three consecutive miles in my life. I like to run, but not enough to run long distances. It's just really not my thing. The longest I'd run before was about 2.7 miles I think. I was so excited and happy I ran the whole race!

I credit my running the whole thing to being in a small crowd of some fun people! I ran with my friends Ang and Luke, friends from college, and Ang's friends and cousins.

And look who else I ran into! Emily, author of the blog Fit and Free Emily. She's an Iowa blogger that I've been excited to meet for awhile now. I knew she'd be in town for the race and was happy to be able to run into her! 

Emily- definitely let me know the next time you are in the city! :)

 My friend Kristyn was gracious enough to accompany me to the race and keep Kaydin while I ran. They were at the start/finish line to watch us. Tim had a last minute meeting/vacation to attend with his fraternity where he serves as chapter director. He's somewhere in the Caribbean right now on a cruise ship. Yep, I'm super jealous, but I can say us girls had a really fun time last night!

Kaydin was obsessed with grabbing every glow stick she could find on the ground. When other runners saw that they offered her theirs. It was really sweet and she was super excited. She loved the race and experiencing it and is so excited to run the Color Run this summer now.

After the race we headed home, showered, and hit the hay. This morning I woke up super hungry wanting a big breakfast. I did a search on Yelp and came up with The Machine Shed, a local favorite offering good, local, Midwest comfort food.


I didn't get a picture of any of the food but we chose the buffet with many, many offerings including waffles, made to order omelets and eggs benedict, cheddar hashbrown casserole, white chocolate bread pudding (awesome!), perfectly seasoned home fries, fresh fruit, and many other options. I can say I consumed all those calories burned the previous night plus probably two whole days worth! Totally worth the splurge, though!

I love how they serve their drinks out of mason jars and leave this old worn pitcher of water at the table. I want one of those pitchers at my house! Love that old country feel.

The Machine Shed is definitely a must-try if you haven't already!

What did you do this weekend? Were you one of the 12,000 that ran in The Glow Run?


  1. That run sounds so fun! Congrats on your first 5k!

  2. Obviously I didn't end up running, but sounds like you had a blast! Great job on running the whole way, too!

    I've heard the Machine Shed has killer cinnamon rolls, but I've never gone. Did you have those?

    1. It was fun! I'm so glad I did it!

      The Machine Shed breakfast was AWESOME! They did have small cinnamon rolls on the buffet so we had those but not the monster sized ones that they're famous for. Same recipe though, I'm sure and they were soooo good!

  3. Man o man, I am behind on reading blogs! LOL.
    It was great running into you - next time we need to plan a playdate with our little ones! :D


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