Sunday, March 3, 2013

Too much going on...

Ohhhhh, where to start?!? It's been a busy time around here lately! I've been neglecting this little blog, though. I have lots to say just haven't had the time to get it out there yet!

Let's start!

  • Work has been super busy lately! I've been working to complete projects and get meetings in this past week and the one starting tomorrow. Lots always going on in our office! And I'm in a time crunch because I'll be traveling for work next week. Going to New Orleans for a conference and I'm leaving Saturday early morning. Gonna be busy, busy, this week!

  • Also, trying to get stuff at home taken care of and scheduled. This weekend has been full of laundry washing and bathroom essential gathering.

  • We went to Kids Fest this weekend. Tim is on the Children and Families of Iowa board of trustees and we go every year. It's always a fun event to take part in and a great cause to donate to.
  • After Kids Fest we searched for a place to eat downtown. We tried both Centro and Americana with both being over and hour wait. Who knew downtown was so busy at 5:30 on Saturday evenings. I didn't think it would've have been that early. Now we know! We instead trekked to a favorite, Gusto Pizza on Ingersol Ave.

  • March 1 marked the first day in my participation in Meatless March! (and my Dad's birthday!) I'm really not too much of a meat eater anyway so this won't be too hard. Meat is always the hardest piece of the meal for me to decide and nail down for our meals. It's kind of a relief actually. I will be indulging in the local cuisine when in NOLA next week though! Follow along and join in on the Meatless March Facebook page being hosted by Emily and Brooke.
meatless march rules
  • Alex and I have been working to secure our airfare for Blend this May. I hate purchasing airfare, such a gambling game. I'm getting more and more excited for May to get here though!!

  • I'm still participating in the Fit Mixer boot camp. I haven't lost poundage but I do feel stronger in a few areas! There's only a week or two left and I'm glad I joined in the challenge.

  • My damaged and weak back has sidelined me from a few of the exercises for the bootcamp. I have had back pain for over two years straight now. I've thrown in out three times in those past two years and I can't even walk or move much at all for a few days. Now it's just constant pain. I decided I just couldn't keep on and visited the doctor. She has since referred me to a physical therapist. She is great! So glad I've been working with her. She concluded that my back, pelvis, hip area muscles are severely imbalanced between the left and right side. She also thought the disks cold be irritated. We have been doing some exercises and she's been helping me with things to be more aware of. It's really helping and I'm seeing this light at the end of the tunnel. The hard thing though is posture. I love to sit Indian or butterfly style at my desk and she says that's a no-no for helping heal me. Sitting up straight with good posture really is a lot of work and tiring when you do it wrong everyday of your life!

  • So we unexpectedly got 10 inches of snow this past week. UGH! :(  I'm over the snow and cold. Anxious for the green grass and springtime. But who isn't in these parts at this time of year?!? :)

  • Today we had a meeting about Kaydin's softball league she joined this spring. We are both even more excited for the season to start now! I played softball growing up and I'm so excited to watch her play, too. We'll see if she likes it. Soccer wasn't her thing, so we'll see how softball goes. She may just be a dance and gymnastics girl.

  • The Color Run is coming back to Des Moines! July 13 is the race date. Who's joining me this year? Registration is $35 until March 15 then it jumps to $40. Get registered soon! Let me know who's interested and we'll create a team name!
ok...too much text in this post but I think I got you all caught up!! Have a great week!


  1. Yikes, I'm sitting indian style now at my desk and I've been having some lower back pain since starting Kosama in November. I guess I'm not helping it by sitting this way!

    1. I know! Such a habit and the way I'm most comfortable. Been hard to not sit that way!

  2. Lol you've been busy! I love Gusto. YUM.

    So excited for Blend!! And thinking about the Color Run. July will be so much better. It was so freaking cold last year. Just not sure quite yet :/.

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