Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pie Baking Class at Wooden Spoons Workshop

Today Tim and I had a fun date day planned!

Last fall I bought a Groupon to Wooden Spoons Workshops and Cooking Classes for the fruit pie class. Tim looovvves pie, especially apple pie, and I planned on giving the certificate to him for Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went and I totally forgot to put that cert in his card.

Fast forward to the end of February and I still hadn't thought of a fun way to present it to him. Instead, it popped into my head when we were driving in the car one day. "Oh, hey! I bought us a pie baking class. It's on March 17th. In Ankeny." Tim- "Oh, ok." Hahaha! No big surprise announcement but at least I'd finally remembered to mention it.

We headed up to Ankeny this afternoon to have lunch before the class. We had our hearts set on Number 7 Brewing Company (and also had a Groupon we needed to use) but they are closed Sundays :( Big sad face! Instead we went just down the block to Leaning Tower of Pizza, an Ankeny staple according to Tim. The pizza was great, service was good, and we were ready to go in perfect timing to travel just down the street again for the 1:00pm class.

Walking into Deb's establishment I had major kitchen envy! Endless supplies, multiple fridges and freezers, commercial size sinks! I loved her set-up!

We started out with her showing us how to make the crust in a food processor. I don't make too much pie from scratch in my house, but I can now because making pie crust in the processor is a cinch! Super easy and almost fool proof.

After the demonstration, she distributed dough that was pre-made and frozen for ease to roll out. I hate recipes where there is a need for a rolling pin. I just am no good at it and it's always a mess. Surprisingly, it went really well!

We rolled out our top and bottom crust and then took a pie and ice cream break. Deb had a rhubarb/blackberry and rhubarb/small amount of raspberry pie al baked up for us. It was so.good! My favorite part of pie is the crust and it was amazing!

Next came mixing up the fruit.  We had the choice to make either strawberry/rhubarb or rhubarb/blackberry. Tim and I went with the strawberry blend. Deb also offered organic sugar as an option. And on that note her fruit was also organic. She has a great view of real food. I won't speak for her but we have the same view of the food industry! :)

We had a quick conversation about swapping coconut oil for the Crisco in the crust. I asked her what she thought of that idea and she let me know that she was planning on trying that variation soon. It should have the same effect and be sooooo much healthier. I plan to try that soon when I make my own pie crust at home.

 We spooned all the filling in and sealed it up with the top.  Deb wrapped them up for us and sent us home with the recipes and baking instructions and many, many useful tips!

I can't recommend Deb's class enough. I learned a lot and it was something different for Tim and I to do together for the day.  Deb is really knowledgeable in the baking arena and was really helpful in answering all our questions. And her view on food, the food industry, and the negative effect humans has made on it makes me like her even more. Keep spread the word, Deb!

We brought our pie home and placed it in the freezer for a couple hours like instructed. We just pulled it from the oven and are anxiously waiting for it to cool a little bit before digging in! :)


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Mollie! Also, had no idea this cooking class existed. I am totally going to get on the pie train with Joe soon!

  2. This is such a fun date! I'm going to keep this one in the arsenal for sure. Does she do other baked goods, or just pie?

    I went to Number 7 a couple weeks ago. I thought the beer was good, but we didn't eat there, so I can't speak for the food at all.


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