Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick check-in

Hi Family, Friends, and Readers!

Kaydin and I both have the day off from school and work so we've had a slow lazy morning so far! I took the dogs for a walk, completed a few tasks, caught up on emails, made Kaydin some breakfast. She's currently eating that while I blog and catch up on a guilty pleasure, Snooki & JWoww. What can I say? I just love them! They make me laugh.


Soon we'll be headed out the door to start our weekend! We've got lots on the agenda. We're meeting Tim for a family lunch first. I jumped on Yelp this morning and one of the first restaurants listed was Saraj, a Mediterranean restaurant in West Des Moines just off I235 on 50th street. The reviews were prett good and the menu sounds great. I'll be sure to report back!

After lunch Kay and I are headed to Forever Pumped Nutrition, a club that features the Herbalife products they sell and also hosts fitness classes and challenges. Two of my best friends are the owners. If you are in the area, check them out! I haven't seen either of them for awhile so I'm excited to hang out and chat. Plus I'm finally returning a suitcase that's been sitting in my apartment for over two years when we traveled to Mexico for another friend's wedding. Wayyy overdue and it needs to get outta my apartment!

Tomorrow, Tim and I have a date night planned. Kaydin's gym where she takes gymnastics periodically hosts Parents Night Out. Perfect timing so Tim and I could spend some time alone for Valentine's Day. I hope to hit up a dessert and cocktail bar, Crème Cupcake, that opened not too long ago. Tim knows the owner so we've had her cupcakes before and I stopped in to pick up the jumbo cupcake we ordered for my boss last month, but I've never had the desserts. I'm excited to check it out! We're also going to pick a new restaurant in he Ingersoll area. Thinking either Bistro Montage or Jesse's Embers.

Then on Sunday, my friend Kristyn and I are going to a mixology class at The Juice Co. I bought a groupon awhile ago and in true groupon-purchasing fashion, I have waited til the last day to use it before it expires. Sunday is the last class they offer for the coupon before it expires. I was hoping to hit up The Cheese Shop or La Mie before the class but sadly both are closed on Sundays :( Guess we'll be picking a new spot for lunch.

Lots of exciting things going on for the weekend that I'll be sure to let you all know more about....probably like a month down the road given my slacking posting routine.

Oh! I also finally created a facebook page for Sprinkles of Life. Check it out! And, I recently enlisted a fellow Iowa blogger, Calee, to create a new blog header for me. It's up and posted and I absolutely love it! Thanks, Calee, for the awesome finished product!

I hope all of you have some fun plans for the weekend, too!