Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Gift Idea- 14 Days of Love

This year I still have no fun ideas for Tim for Valentine's Day. I need to keep thinking and see what I can come up with. But I thought I'd share what I did last year in case some people would like to replicate. You still have a couple days til February 1st!

14 Days of Love
This year for Valentine's Day I decided to stretch it out a little longer- 13 days longer, actually!
February 1st, I implemented 14 Days of Love!  I came up with 14 different ideas of little things that Tim liked or would appreciate and then made a plan of when they would best work.  It wasn't a great deal of work, was inexpensive, and lots of fun!
Day 1- Peanut Butter Cheerios

Day 2- Poem hung on the mirror

Day 3- Juice and Tim's favorite donuts waiting him in his car in the morning.

Day 4- Picture of Kaydin and I left in his car.
Day 5- Packages of Biscoff cookies.
Day 6- New bottle of body wash.
Day 7- Picture drawn by Kaydin
Day 8- Framed picture of Tim and I at Times Square.

Day 9- Containers of his favorite yogurt, Noosa

Day 10- Oakley's sunglasses case
Day 11- Chocolate melting cake like we had on our cruise last spring.

Day 12- Cook breakfast for him in the morning.
Day 13- A framed print to go in his office

Day 14- Letter and Valentine's card

I think Tim enjoyed the 14 days, too!
Let me know if anyone tries this idea! I wanna know what you come up with for your 14 Days of Love!

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  1. This is cute! P.S., I LOVE Noosa. But never buy it because I can't justify the price to myself. I'm a cheapie!


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