Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Perfect Teacher Gift {aka Homemade Vanilla Extract}

This year we had Kaydin's teacher gifts all ready and prepared for her to take to school on the last day before her holiday break. The weather got in the way of her gifting plans, though, and school was cancelled that day. It gave me time to get some pictures, though!

Next year, when you need an idea for a teacher gift, refer to this post! Pin or bookmark it now for later.  Just don't wait until it's too late- this extract takes 3-6 months to be ready ;)

 We were going to go with candles for their gift but I still had some extract left from when I made it earlier this year. I reminded Kaydin we had some and she was excited about this idea! She quickly changed her mind and wanted to gift her teachers this extract so they could use it in their baking.

Get the full instructions on how to make vanilla extract here.


  1. That is such a great gift idea. I have a few years yet before our son is in school to even think about teacher gifts so hopefully I remember this!

  2. Such a fantastic idea! I was a teacher (once upon a time), and I would have loved this gift. :)

  3. this IS a great idea! Not only for techers but for friends and family as well. for as much vanilla extract as i use, i really should be making my own by now!

  4. What a cool teacher gift! As a teacher, I would be so touched by this. A friend of mine this year made homemade peach infused brandy for gifts and I just love the added thought a homemade gift adds!


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