Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Happenings, take 5

 Happy Tuesday! Lots has been going on lately. As we all know, time stops for no one. Here's a few things we've been up to.

  • Last weekend I did some thrift shopping around the city with my friend, Kristyn. We found a few good finds through the aisles and aisles of stuff. My favorite find was some old video cameras for $1.99! I already have a couple old cameras so these will go great for my growing collection. I'll show you a fun DIY project soon that also sits with my cameras. My mom made it for me for Christmas and it's definitely a unique, one-of-a-kind piece! Love it!

  • While I was out shopping, Tim and Kaydin were doing the same....  

at this store. Another new puppy complete with a bridal gown, veil, wedding booties, and a pink princess chair. Why all the extra accessories I asked him? "She wanted them," was his reply. OMG!! Spoiled or what?!?! :)

  • Last night I watched the beginning of The Biggest Loser (I had to flip over and catch the crazy drama that is The Bachelor every week) and they were doing a trivia contest about childhood obesity. I am proud to say that I got all questions but one right and most I knew the answer before the multiple choice answers were given. It's great that a popular TV show is bringing these issues to light. But I still have to say that it's sad it takes a reality TV show for people to open their eyes to this growing epidemic. Oh well, at least a little more publicity to this issue is taking place! 

  • I started the Fitmixer boot camp today. I use their aminos already and wanted to learn a little more about the program. The main reason I joined was to learn some new workouts and broaden my routines a little. The first test workout yesterday humbled me. I work out most weeks 5 days per week already but those burpees and plyo lunges that was part of the workout sucked! 
  • Another aspect of the bootcamp program is following a meal plan. I've realized I am in no way a calorie counter. I don't want to be pulled into this little realm of thinking and feel I have to be so rigid when it comes to food. Ok, now- I do think it helps for people with no concept of how many calories food has or any knowledge for nutrition. It at least helps them learn what a healthy balanced diet looks like. But what I'm also thinking is having people learn this way can start them off wrong. They may be brainwashed (maybe not the exact word I'm looking for but you get the picture) into thinking "omg, I only have a 1/4 cup of blueberries left but I need 1/2 cup to complete my breakfast!" Or "I went over my calorie intake today! I failed and feel bad about myself now" I don't believe it's the best way to teach nutrition. Can help some probably, but my personal opinion is that this is not the way to live. I believe it's all about eating clean healthy foods to fuel your body. Keep processed foods out of your kitchen. Keep portions in mind. If you follow that mentality, healthy eating can come pretty easily. So, with all that said, I'm loosely following the plan. I'm not strictly sticking to it, but I'm using it to be aware. And I have up'ed my produce intake even more so that's a plus!
  • I've been keeping up well with my hanger challenge! I've haven't worn anything twice since the new year! 

  • This weekend I finally got all the Christmas decor put away. It usually doesn't take me this long but at least it's all packed up now! Come on spring! :)


  1. Love thrift store shopping (they have the best finds!) and I love that hanger challenge! I should really do the same to make sure I wear all of my clothes. And when I get to the end and reallyyy want to re-wear something when I still have un-worn stuff available, that means I should probably get rid of those items!

    And I recorded The Biggest Loser but haven't watched it yet. I find the childhood obesity epidemic to be truly sad. Those poor kids, I hope the show wakes more people up about it! I also couldn't agree more with your view on calorie counting. I was someone who did it for awhile to lose weight, and in the end, it was pretty detrimental to me mentally. Being generally aware of calories and nutrition is a much healthier approach!

  2. Must eat more veggies! I don't like following any type of diet plan but I have been slacking on the vegetables lately and that must change.

    As much as I love Christmas and all my decorations I also look forward to the day of taking them down and my house returning to "normal" - especially this year when it hasn't even felt like winter.


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