Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

It's a snow day for us in Central Iowa! Yay for a white Christmas!!

It started raining yesterday around 4:00pm and by the time we got home after picking Kaydin up from school it was snowing pretty hard. With it being the first significant snowfall of the year Kaydin couldn't wait to get out in it. She bundled herself up and headed outside!

It only picked up and snowed harder as the night went on. I figured school would be cancelled for the next day but we didn't get official word until about 10:00pm. When her school closes the daycare also closes so a snow day for her meant a snow day for me! Tim was still determined to make it to work, though, as he was supposed to have a board meeting.

I was woken at 4am by Tim doing some researching on the news websites and telling me it really came down and he may not make it work work after all. A while later I got the text alert that my office would be closed for the day. Tim also read that DART, the metro bus system, was closing down for the day. This was only the 3rd time that's happened in 20 years!

Once daylight hit and Kaydin woke up we decided it was time to head outside and do some shoveling in the driveway and see if Tim really could make it to the office today. While shoveling we at least got word that he didn't have to travel and could join by phone later in the day. 

Between shoveling breaks I set out around the house to get some pictures while the snow was still pretty.



It's always fun when we finally get some snow to hook the dogs up to the sled and have them pull Kaydin behind. Today they were just too excited for all the snow and to be able to run around that we didn't keep em hooked up too long. We set them free so they could explore. 

After I finally got Squeaky into the house, I joined Tim and Kaydin inside and had a good breakfast of vanilla cinnamon French toast and some over easy eggs. I need to have Tim make my eggs every time because they were perfect! The yolk wasn't too runny but perfectly creamy!

After we cleaned up our breakfast dishes we retreated to the bedroom and have been doing this....
Perfect day to lounge, edit pictures and just spend time together! We got fairly lucky and at least have power (unlike others around the city) but we have been without water for the day. Good thing for a reverse osmosis tank for at least a little reserve, I hope everyone else is enjoying today, too, whether you are survivng the snowstorm or passing your day at work or school! :)

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  1. Great pictures of the snow and love the dog!! We have a german short hair. She loves the snow too!! Winter sure did show up on the first day of winter!


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