Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Happenings 2012

Another Christmas is over and now I'm looking forward to the new year and also SPRING! Yep, we got that white Christmas and now that fluffy white stuff can go away.  Not sure I'm going to get my way, though, since I woke up to two more inches of it falling this morning. 

This week I've worked a couple days, cleaned up some Christmas stuff, and am focusing on getting ready for Kaydin's birthday. After everyone else is finished wrapping, I keep on going to get her birthday presents wrapped since it falls 10 days after Christmas. Her birthday landing where it did makes this time of year even more hectic and extended in our household. It's fun, though, and is just part of the celebrating season.

Now let's backtrack a little as I recap our Christmas!  It started with an extended Christmas break for both Kaydin Baby and I. Because of the holiday storm last week, Kaydin's school was cancelled Thursday and Friday. My office ended up closing both days, too, because of a power outage. Power was finally restored late Friday afternoon. Thursday we lounged and had a fun snow day. Friday we didn't get to be so lucky and play the day away. I had errands to run and now I had a little tag-along!  Friday and Saturday were spent running those errands and watching lots of movies.

Sunday morning we trekked to Camp Dodge to hit up some of the best sledding hills in the city! Kaydin struggled up those hills many times but the trip down made it worth it!

That evening we headed to Jolly Holiday Lights and to visit Santa, an annual tradition we started a few years ago. We usually eat Chinese food before visiting the lights but we got the Chinese in earlier in the week. We planned on visiting the lights on Wednesday night but the snow had different plans. We got our Chinese that night but had to postpone our lights and Santa trip. At least now we got to see the display with snow on the ground this year! We've never gone on a weekend before and now I remember why! We had to wait in quite the line.

(Source) The light display is located in Des Moines' Water Works Park and all the proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation. This year Kaydin was really interested in reading all the posters showing kids and how they chose to fulfill their wish. I think she understood pretty well that the lights and our donation went to a really great cause and helped kids achieve their dreams. It was great to see her interested in the charity and take it to heart. It was still on her mind because the next day in Hy-Vee after we grabbed a few groceries, she let me know she knew exactly where our money was going, to the sick kids that needed it for their wishes! Hy-Vee is a sponsor and has a few light displays throughout the park so I think that's how she made the connection. Oh, Kaydin Baby, if only it was always like that!

Once we were about halfway through the display, she asked to hop in the driver's seat. Of course, Tim didn't decline so she navigated us through the path and we only almost ended up in the snow a few times. She needs to work on those subtle steering wheel turns instead of cranking it!

After she safely guided us to a parking spot at the Wish Store, we shuffled inside to see Santa.
She let him know she has been a good girl this year and that she was hoping for a blue furby.

Monday, Christmas Eve, Tim had to work in the morning so Kaydin and I had a slow paced morning of watching Christmas movies and wrapping a few presents. The day passed quickly and we were soon posing for a few pictures before we hurried out the door to get to Tim's brother's house for the Quick family Christmas.

Kaydin couldn't wait to get back home because we planned to open all our gifts to each other that night since we were headed to my parent's house in the morning. It was so fun to watch her open her presents this year because she was so excited and grateful for each gift she opened. All the surprised and happy faces she made were priceless!

 Ciara and Squeaky got to join in the family time too!

Christmas morning Kaydin was in our bedroom bright and early to wake us up to see it Santa came. He did and she got her wish of a blue furby! I'm not sure Santa made that great of a decision, though, because that thing is noisy! Constantly jabbering! So far that little furby has been a girl named Jessie, a boy named Louie, and a boy named Teddy. We'll see what it really ends up to be ;)

We traveled up to Mom and Dad's later Christmas morning for round two of gift opening and lunch with my family and uncle's family. I didn't snap too many pictures while there but it was a great day with lots of relaxing.
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! I'm looking forward to the new year and fresh start!