Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals {and a look back at 2012}

A new year always brings feelings of a time for a fresh start. A renewed energy to organize my life and get back on track with some things I want to accomplish for the year.

  1. Purge my cupboards and freezer. Yes, my name is Mollie and I am still a food hoarder. I think the amount of food that spilled over to my hallway closet has grown, not depleted. I can say though, that I've freed up more space in my freezer. I'll keep working in this throughout the year.
  2. Along the lines of food and groceries, I want to start tracking my spending in that area again. Overall, I really spend a small amount on food. I used to religiously track my spending. I would save all my receipts and track all spending by category in an Excel spreadsheet. I quit doing that about a year and a half ago. Not really sure why I did but I wanna start tracking again just to see where we're at with grocery spending per month.
  3. Learn to knit. For awhile I stalked the Michael's ads watching for yarn and needle sales. They came and went and I just never actually bought the supplies. I looked at them but never pulled the trigger to learn. This is the year! And hey- maybe I'll even make something worthwhile and usable.
  4. Plan weekly meals. I didn't do very well with this in 2012. I want to try again. I know how and watch the weekly grocery ads anyway so I need to get commit to starting this up again.
  5. Take another photography class or Photoshop class. I took a photography class at DMACC in October 2011. I want to keep learning more and expanding my knowledge! And I've had the Photoshop Elements software for going on two years now and haven't learned too much yet. Reading and taking some online tutorials could also fulfill this goal if need be.
  6. Not use my credit card in 2013. I'm sure there will be events and times I'll have to use it, but I really want to cut back and only use when necessary.
  7. Ramp up the blog and make the look more appealing. I want to add a custom header and make the site prettier :)
  8. Make homemade nut butter.
  9. Make homemade bread. Yep, gonna try again this year ;)
  10. Help organize an Iowa bloggers event. Something simple but fun! Who's in?!?
I could go on and on but I think I'll keep it at ten for the year!

I also made some goals last year. I did pretty well overall. A few things didn't get done but there's always 2013 :)

A Recap of 2012 Goals:
  1. Make homemade bread. I love homemade bread! Especially when it's really seedy and nutty! The more grains and seeds the better! Yep, big fail with this one! Next year...? ;)
  2. Cook fish at least a couple times per month. I love most any fish, especially tilaplia and salmon. It just is not something I regularly buy. I plan to make an effort to incorporate this into our meal plans more, though. It may not have been a steady couple times per month, but I definitely ate more fish this year! I picked up fresh salmon from Whole Foods and Costco!
  3. Not hoard my food supplies. Yes, I am guilty of being a food hoarder as my best friend, Kristyn and boyfriend, Tim, call me. I just love a good sale! But using up those supplies makes me nervous! I dont wanna run out!! lol So I need make sure to use up my good buys before they expire! Ummmm, yeah, gonna keep trying on this one!
  4. Save more moola! I don't have an exact amount yet but I wanna have a bigger stash sitting in the bank than I did this year when December 2012 rolls around. Once Kaydin got into kindergarten and her daycare bill drastically decreased, I was able to save much more! Here's to keeping up and growing that trend!
  5. Make sure Tim and I get more alone time. Fitting that in can be hard sometimes and we need to make sure we find more time to have fun and get out and do things just us. I'm gonna throw a hope of once per month out there! That shouldn't be too hard to hit! I think we did well with this until fall. Then things kept coming at us like crazy. But we do have the last few days of 2012 alone together!
  6. Along the same lines, keep up my relationships with my friends. Gotta love girl time! I think we did pretty well with this one! I can always take more girl time in my life but the time we did spend was great!
  7. Read more books. I would like to log 6 books read this year. Yes, kinda low, but it's hard for me to find time to read in the busy daily schedule. Well, I did not read 6 books but I am constantly reading. Whether it's food or health blogs or research articles on the food industry and health and I reading all day everyday. So I'm gonna say I acheived this one! :)
  8. Work out at least 5 times per week. I have a gym at my job. And bonus we are encouraged to use it during the workday if need be. So this means I can work out at before my scheduled clock-out time of 4:30 and be home even sooner! I do still have my Gold's Gym membership so I try to hit there a couple times a week, too. I got a great deal of $20 per month so might as well keep using it. Plus I can take Kaydin there with me to play in the kids area so then I can squeeze in work outs on weekends, too. Held to this one really well too! Having that gym at work makes it pretty easy!
  9. A few specifics on the healthy food front would be to include more:  Check! Incorporated these lots! The flax and chia seeds into yogurt and I made chia water a ton during the day at the office. Quinoa and couscous is a ridicously easy and healthy side dish.
    • chia seeds
    • flax
    • fish
    • quinoa
    • couscous
  10. Post photos at least 5 days per week to the blog. Well, some weeks were better than others but I think I kept a good pace!
  11. Make homemade hummus. With dried chickpeas and even tahini. Yeah, this didn't happen. But-- I did make homemade almond milk so that counts in my book! Recipe/tutorial coming soon!
  12. Be more intentional with my meal planning. I usually do well with this through March and then it all goes downhill. We eat healthy but I would like to have more of a plan laid out. Big fail!
  13. Of course make sure these meals are healthy and include lots of good for you ingredients, aka natural and lacking in the chemicals. Big win on this one! I've learned alot this year. Even more than what was already natural for us. I read up and watched many documentaries showing what our food industry has really turned into. It's sad and disgusting but something that just cannot be ignored just because we don't want to do a little digging. I encourage everyone this year to brush up and know those food labels and what to look out for. Once you have the knowledge it's really not that hard. Remember, no GMO's (Those are most commonly corn, soy, and sugar beets. And corn is in everything! Watch carefully), no enriched grains (it's basically sugar in our bodies and has no nutrients), no hydrogenated oils, no artificial sweeteners (say no to labels that state corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Highly, highly processed and fake. Check out your condiment bottles. Now pitch em and only buy ones that have natural ingredients.).


  1. Great goals! And great job on your past ones :).

    I would go to an Iowa blogger event! Go for it!

  2. Sorry I am just catching up to some of your posts! I have been horrible about my own blog let alone reading them. Great goals! :) I so want to do an Iowa event! We need to get on the ball!!!!



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