Thursday, November 8, 2012

Proposition 37- Labeling GMO's

I was so excited and anxious to hear what the outcome of this California vote would be after election totals came in. I'm more than sad to say it was defeated 47% to 53%. Such a disappoint for learning more about what's in our food and the general public being able to recognize what foods and products contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). Prop 37, The Right to Know Act, would require foods that are genetically modified to be labeled. That's all. The foods wouldn't be banned, they wouldn't be taken off the shelves. They would simply have a label to inform the public.

It's big corporate giants that poured money into the "No" campaign that may have swayed many votes simply because of scare tactics and people not doing their own research.  "Since when have the pesticide and junk food manufacturers EVER spent $45 million to save you money, improve your health, or protect the environment?"<---Quote taken from Organic Consumers Facebook page.
It was advertised that grocery bills would increase and costs to local farmers would go up. Food manufacturers are the ones that will, in fact, incur this cost, not the consumer.

“We, as with most manufacturers, are continually updating our packaging. It's a regular cost of doing business - a small one at that - and is already built into the price consumers pay for products. Claims that labeling genetically engineered foods would increase the price of food for consumers just aren’t true. Companies would certainly be updating their packaging for other reasons within the 18 months they will be given to comply with the new law, and could simply make the additional GMO labeling changes at the same time.” -Arran Stephens, president of Nature's Path Organic Foods.

Even though it was defeated, it was still a huge national movement that educated thousands of people so there's a win right there! Many people did more research on the issues, became more informed and, in turn, changed more of their food choices. I can say that I did and my family will be even healthier because of it.

Iowa is part of The Coalition of States for Mandatory GMO Labeling. I was so excited when I learned of this movement. Maybe this means Iowa will be one of the first in the country to have GMO's labeled! 50 other countries are already ahead of us and do have mandatory labels. Some European countries even ban GMO's. We need to keep moving forward in the world in all aspects of life and our food system should be at the top.

Other coalition states include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington and Washington DC.

It's up to us to inform ourselves and know what's really going on in the food industry. It's changed and many of us just do not know what's really happening. It shouldn't be hard to go to the grocery store and buy healthy natural foods. Food manufacturers only have the bottom dollar at the forefront of their thoughts. This results in cheaper ways to manufacture these so-called "foods" causing us to be consuming chemicals and additives. More research is popping up about these chemicals showing many health problems everyday. For your and your family's sake, please be informed.

I have also watched numerous documentaries about nutrition, sustainable farming, organics, GMO's, etc. The content is both alarming and fascinating at the same time. In the future I plan to do a full post on the summaries of these documentaries but for now I'll leave you with my favorites:
Genetic Roulette
Food, Inc.

Below are some links I have provided if you are interested in reading more about this issue. Yes to Prop 37 homepage Yes to Prop 37 blog

A recent rat study conducted in France shows the effects of GMO food.The results are shocking!
 Full study. Shorter summary of findings. Blog written by Kerry, a fellow Iowan, that has children with allergies and a passion for clean and healthy eating. She provides great information on organics and GMO's. Another blog that has countless articles and helpful information to steer clear of GMO's and other harmful additives.

Change will happen, the movement has started!

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  1. Hi Mollie, FH from California... such a bummer it didn't pass, but I personally know a lot of people who couldn't get past the ads that it is wrong to create another regulatory agency given the current economic downturn. But you are correct that it was good to get people to think about it!


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