Friday, October 26, 2012

Visit to the Apple Orchard

At the end of September, we headed out to Center Grove Orchard to enjoy the great fall weather and get some locally grown apples. We visited this farm two years ago and decided to go back again. Last year, we checked out Berry Patch Farms but they didn't have apples this year.

Center Grove Orchard has many activities on their property. It can keep a family busy for the whole day! We fed the goats...
Posed by cows...
Swam in corn....
Bounced on these balloon horses... 
 Made our way through a small hay maze,
wandered through the many pumpkins and gourds, and also raced rubber ducks in water with a well pump and slid down a giant slide on a feed sack. 

After we completed all those activities we made our way back inside to their market area and picked out a few goodies to take home. I picked out a bunch of different types of apples that we are still eating and baking with. We sampled far too many types of fudge (sooo good though. A few squares may have come home with us.) We sipped on an apple slushie while hand-picking a just-out-of-the-oven apple pie. This was the best apple pie we had ever had. Apple pie is Tim's favorite dessert besides cheesecake and we just had to take one home after we tried one of the samples. Some apple butter and a cream cheese pumpkin roll-up also made it in the basket to come home, too. So many yummy things to choose from! I keep telling Tim that he needs to stop by the orchard on his way home from work for another pie. Seriously, so good!!

It's not too late to visit for yourselves! You won't be disappointed.

Center Grove Orchard
32835 610th Ave
Cambridge, Iowa 50046
Phone: 888-2-APPLE-1 (888-227-7531 )