Monday, October 8, 2012

My First 5k- The Color Run

Saturday was the Color Run in Des Moines! Once registration opened back in June, I made sure to sign up that first day! I had seen pictures and video throughout the Internet and knew this would be a 5k I wouldn't wanna miss!

27,000 other people from Iowa and the Midwest had the same thinking as me! 27,000 people!! The MC announced that this was the largest-- and also coldest-- Color Run yet!

I ran with my co-worker Diane. We got there a little before noon for the 1:00pm start time and went right into the start shoot. It was pretty cold but huddling with the thousands of people made a great wind block! We ended up being in wave 4 and were on the course by probably 1:15.  I ran by my friend Summer just as she was starting the race and we were coming in! I think she was in Wave 17! I think Diane and I timed it just right and got there at the perfect time.
There were five color stations along the way where you got blasted with different colors. 
Diane took it the face a couple times!
It didn't take long and were through the course and running across the finish line. The fun didn't stop there, though, because every 15 minutes all the runners released their color packets to make a massive color cloud. This is where you really got covered in color!

No wonder they call this the Happiest 5k on the Planet! It really is! I hope they come back again next year. I'll be signing up again on the first day registration opens!

There were lots in interesting costumes we encountered through the day. Here I captured one group sporting some pretty Halloween undies! :)
 After I got through the insane traffic downtown and made my way back home, Kaydin and I got ready for our date night. Tim was having a fraternity event at his house so Kaydin and I planned a little outing together. We needed to get a few groceries (Fareway and Aldi had some good sale items this week) and we were also in search of a wig for Kaydin's Halloween costume. We found a couple that may work but we're still holding out for one that's perfect for the look she's going for ;)
After our errands we headed to Hoshi Sushi Lounge. I'm lucky that Kaydin likes a couple types of sushi rolls so every once in awhile she agrees to it. I had a coupon deal was expiring next week so it was perfect timing to use it up!

A perfect date night ending is Menchie's frozen yogurt in Kaydin and I's book. Although, I did try talking her out of it since it was so cold Saturday night. Their pumpkin flavor made up for it though. Pumpkin frozen yogurt topped with graham crackers crumbs is where it's at!

Silly girl tried eating with her chopsticks that she just had to bring home from the sushi place.
To finish up our night, we headed home and snuggled on the couch and Kaydin made a homemade book cutting pictures of animals from my old magazines. She got those creative artistic genes that I'm lacking!

A special thank you to Tim! He went to the store Saturday morning to get me breakfast food, made my breakfast, mixed me some amino acids, helped me pack all my stuff, and wrapped my phone in plastic wrap so I could take pictures throughout the race!

Who else ran in the Color Run this weekend?