Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest Post: Words from Mom, part 6

Josh has not always been the modest guy he is now....

Dennis has always been a great dad and after being injured when he worked at Bilmar, he spent time being Mr. Mom while I still worked. It was great, no more daycare for the kids and one of us was there all the time. He was really good at it and did everything that I had been doing.  We lived in the country outside of Storm Lake at this time.  As you know we have always lived in the country, and that can be confusing to toddlers during those difficult potty training months...especially when Dad does the training and lets his little buddy "go" outside rather than using the toilet. Now don't get me wrong, he never pooped outside, at least not that I know of. That was Kaydin and another story for another time.   

Mollie was four at the time and going to preschool. Josh was just over two and Daddy's little shadow.  One day when I was not at work we decided to go appliance shopping. It was time to replace our old refrigerator and why not look at stoves also, might as well get a matching set.  So off we went to an appliance store which was up-town Storm Lake.  The store was quite large and we looked at every refrigerator and stove in the store.  We were towards the back of the store when I noticed someone was missing.  I saw Mollie but Josh was gone.  What the hell?!? I had lost another kid!  I searched the store not finding him so I went to the front door to see if he had snuck outside and there he was.  I was not happy with what I saw, though. There he was standing in the doorway and yep, you guessed it....peeing on the sidewalk.  So I did the only thing I could do, I walked away and pretended I did not see what he was doing.  I went and got Dennis who was talking to the salesman.  I let him know that it was time to go, gathered up Mollie and the little pisser and left that store.  Don't think we ever went back.  

I've always said Josh is accident prone.  When he was young I expected him to have several broken bones.  He has actually been lucky in that regard. The only real broken bone he has had is his toe, just before he turned three.  We had an old well with a pump handle outside.  The handle somehow came off and  "Toughy" thought he could pick it up.  Well, I guess he did, but he ended up dropping it on his toe.   We took him to the emergency room, at that time we did not know his toe was broken, but he had also smashed his toe and his toenail popped off.  It was pretty nasty looking.  Dennis ended up having to take Josh to the doctor every day for a week to get Josh's toe worked on.  They also wanted us to keep him off his feet and keep him calm... yeah right!!  Those of you that knew Josh as a little guy knows how impossible that was. 

So the trip down the furnace and broken toe were just the start of Josh's experience with injuries. He had two incidents of riding his bike around the grill and falling on it, burning the whole underside of his forearm.  Guess he didn't remember how much it hurt the first time, he had to do it a second time.  I actually lost track of all Josh's little injuries, he has had too many and with him it's a never ending process.
I remember the day we went to the hospital for his toe. I was given stickers for being a good girl and Josh was pissed! He was the hurt one and I was getting stickers! Mom is right, he's injured himself too many times to even remember all the incidents. I even get pictures on my phone every once in awhile of his self-inflicted injuries that happen on his job-sites. There is one injury, though, that none of us will ever forget....