Friday, September 28, 2012

Yarn wrapped wine bottles

I followed suit of fellow crafters/bloggers and reused those empty wine bottles. Super easy, just a little time consuming, small amount of supplies, and a super cute finished product.
You will need:
  • Yarn
  • Empty glass bottle
  • Glue Gun and a few glue sticks
Start at the top of the bottle and lay a piece of yarn vertical and start wrapping around it to secure it. Keep wrapping around the bottle and keep it snug and together so you can't see the glass. At this point I was cruising through and thought it was so easy! It got a little tougher once you get to where the bottle neck bows outward. It was tricky but got it all covered using no glue. I was trying to take the easy way out and not use a glue gun. Do not be like me! I had my whole bottle finished and then the yarn on the curve of the bottle started slouching and getting loose. It didn't end up staying where I wanted it to so I had to redo a big portion of it. Use the glue gun to glue down pieces of yarn on each revolution of the bottle and it will look great. Make sure to keep the yarn close so the bottle doesn't show through.
Note: You should only have to use the glue gun on the curved portion of the bottle. The neck and long body lay just fine and don't need to be glued in place. Until you get to the bottom and then I glued the end of the yarn down and tucked it right next to the other strings so you couldn't see it.

My process went like the picture above. I would wrap a few circles and then push the yarn down so it was tight and you couldn't see the glass.

The bottle above was a Heineken leftover in our kitchen after Tim went out with his friends the night before. I wrapped that baby up, too!

Here's a few pieces of my large stash of fall decorations. Notice I fell prey to the caramel apple pops this year. Too good to pass up. And the honey roasted peanut/candy corn combo is a staple this time of year. I limit myself to only buying one bag for the season, though. Portion control remember ;)