Monday, September 17, 2012

The Big 2-5

Nope, it's not my birthday, I've already surpassed the quarter century mark and now I'm closing the gap on 30! But my brother, Josh, turns 25 today! Seriously where did all these years go? 

Not too long ago he sported those blonde little ringlets.  His hair was so curly when he was a toddler. All it took was one haircut though, of chopping them off and they never returned. 

These days he's sporting this look--->             Cowboy hat, flannel, belt buckle. Who is this kid?!?  He sent me this pic last Friday night.


My brother always amazes me in that it seems he can do almost anything. He is talented in every way. He can run endless miles with no training, create an artful masterpiece from nothing, cook a gourmet meal with no recipe only the ideas in his head, recite historical and worldly facts all day long, can take care of kids and even infants like it's no big deal, and fix/build anything with all the needed knowledge. He's Superman, ladies! He can do it all.  Scoop him up soon! I'd really like to be an aunt someday.  But beware- I am that sister who thinks pretty much everyone isn't good enough.  When Josh talks about a new girl in his life Mom always says it's not her or Dad he has to worry about getting approval from- it's me!  Well, yeah, of course. He's not gonna settle for someone that's not perfect. Or at least I'm not for him. LOL Remember what I said above. He's freaking Superman!

With his dog, Miki
Cuddling in the hospital after surgery, 2008

 Trip to Disneyland, August 2009
Trip to Florida, March 2009 
 Giving Miss Kaydin her ride on the 4-wheeler, April 2012
High school graduation with his best friend, Chaz, May 2006

Senior prom, April 2006

Family Vacation, 1st Carnival cruise, January 2002

After a football game with Grandpa Sjoberg, September 2006 
At Grandpa Sjoberg's house, summer 2008