Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Fall TV!

So yesterday I cancelled my gym membership. I know! It's not usually the typical time of year people are cancelling their memberships. Most people are coming back into the gym to escape the looming cold. But I decided to save myself some money and cancel my membership since I don't use it anymore except for tanning a couple of times a month. I have the good fortune to work for an organization that has an awesome wellness center and encourages employees to workout during the workday. I get free access to a full gym and am able to have my workout done by 4:30 everyday! Can't beat that!

Since last winter I had stopped going to my other gym except for a few random times so I figured I should just take the plunge and cancel. I was putting off the awkward meeting to sign the papers. I didn't want to face the guilt and questions I'd be asked. Plus, I really like the vibe when going there. I didn't really want to cancel, but it was also killing me to be spending money on something I wasn't using enough. I was fully prepared to state that I have a gym at work that I use! But none of that. I signed the paper and they sent me on my way, no questions asked. Ya know, I dreaded the questioning but once it didn't come I was a little disappointed. I wanted them to know I wasn't quitting, I just stumbled on a cheaper more convenient option. Oh well!

So, even though I cancelled my Gold's membership I still hit the gym while at work. Good thing, too, cuz the new fall seasons of TV have started so I'm still getting some movement in. Was anyone else as excited as me?!?  I swear I don't sit in front of the TV every night. I do have a fairly long list of shows I watch though. Good thing I have DRV, I usually just let em pile up and watch em when I can.  Here's my favorites....

The Good Wife

The Amazing Race

Two Broke Girls

The Mob Doctor

Hawaii 5-0

The New Normal
So freaking funny! Although, I cannot stand the racist, ignorant grandma! Go figure huh ;)



Criminal Minds (Source)
Criminal Minds - criminal-minds Wallpaper

Person of Interest


Made in Jersey
I'm hoping this is good. I like the lawyer shows!

As you can see I'm a loyal CBS watcher ;) What are your favorites that are returning this fall?


  1. I'm watching Parenthood again. I watched when I lived with Val and just got hooked on it again. OMG it's so good! I remember when they were going to cancel that! We watched the return of Modern Family last night too, love that show! Oh, and we go over to Fuzzy's for pizza night to watch The Voice. So many good fall shows on! And 2 Broke Girls, they're on my DVR, just need to find some time to catch up!

    1. LOVE parenthood. I actually haven't watched a season in real time til time one. I caught up on Netflix at the gym on my phone this sprinfg. Hooked!

      2 Broke Girls is so funny! now if only it were an hour show!

      I don't watch Modern Family. I have this thing where if I miss the start of a series I just try to let it go... I got lucky with breaking my rule on Parenthood, though :)

      Another one I'm sad I missed the bandwagon on is Revenge. I did DVR the re-ran pilot that first aired last year and just recently watched it. So good! Maybe that's another I'm gonna have to find a way to catch up on.


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