Monday, September 24, 2012

Guest Post: Words from Mom, part 5

September 17,1987.
That was the day, we were having our baby boy. Dennis had always wanted a son named Joshua. From the time we were dating that was the one and only name his son was going to have. On that day he got his wish and Joshua Dwayne (Dennis's middle name) made his appearance at 9:07am. 
Mollie laid her claim to him before he was even born! Still in my belly she told the Aunts that he was her baby, her Joshie.  We all spoiled him and he was such a mama's boy.  He wouldn't even let the Aunts hold him for long. Josh was one of those babies that you couldn't quite figure out.  He loved to sit in his baby swing...but that's it, just sit there. The moment you tried to wind him up he screamed and cried. He hated any swinging motion.

Mollie here. When he was little I was determined to teach him to pump his legs on the swingset. This was a very hard task when that person was deathly afraid to move on those swings. I remember telling him I wouldn't push him fast or high. It always took persuading but I got him to agree. Of course, I pushed him fast and high, though, and he screamed and cried like a little baby and then always tattled to Mom. Thing is, though, I talked him into it multiple times. Victory was mine in the end cuz I taught that scared little boy to pump his legs on the swingset!  

Poor Josh, Mollie tortured the poor kid. If she wasn't trying to push him on the swings, she was dressing him up in her clothes. Everyday Dennis and I dressed him in his boy clothes just to have Mollie take them right off and put girl clothes on him!
Josh with our cousin, Linsdey. (And that's Grandpa Lyon in the background.)
Josh started sleeping all night at a week and a half...yep girls, I got lucky with this one. The problem was, though, he slept so late in the morning, I was afraid that he wouldn't wake up at all!
As many of you know, Josh has always been accident prone...self destructive...and a klutz.  Well this started very early. He always had bumps, bruises and scrapes.  I was worried that people thought we beat the poor kid (some days I wonder how he has survived this long). We still lived in Palmer when Josh was about 14 months old and decided to take a trip down to the basement...thru the furnace!  One day I decided to clean the cold air duct. We lived in an older house that had one in the worst place, right in the middle of the living room floor. I removed the grate while the kids were playing in the other room-or so I thought. Mollie called my name and when I turned to answer her, Josh came running across the floor.  The next thing I heard was bang, bang, bang! The little shit fell feet first right down the cold air duct.  Of course I screamed, Mollie was crying and yelling, "my brother, my brother."  She was three at the time. It was an old house, remember, so I had to go outside to the cellar door to get down there! What the hell! All I could think of was that I had probably just killed my baby!  But low and behold, there he was just sitting there waiting. His feet had kicked the access door causing it to open. He had his usual bumps, bruises and scrapes, but otherwise, he was fine.