Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tomato Sandwiches

There are certain foods that are telling of the season and time of year it is. Certain times of year that you are almost supposed to eat certain foods. Like hot chocolate and crockpot stews in the winter, apple cider and ANYthing pumpkin in the fall, asparagus in the spring, and berries and tomato sandwiches in the summer- of course using tomatoes fresh from the garden!
After a fun night of watching gymnastics with some friends, my lovely hostess, Summer, sent me home with some tomatoes from her and her husband's garden.  Perfectly vine-ripened and juicy! I knew exactly what I'd do with 'em!

When I was younger and living at home, a summer garden was a staple. It was never a question of whether or not we'd have one- we just would. I think that has to do with Dad growing up having his mom grow a monstrous garden with everything from dill to kohlrabi to rhubarb. We always had a pretty expansive garden, too, but my favorite things were the tomatoes. Every summer I would wait for those tomatoes to be plucked from the vine specifically to make tomato sandwiches.  It was an easy go-to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Those sandwiches would get eaten at anytime of day in our house.
It was my Dad's specialty. He's the one that introduced me to this gem. And even better, Mom and Josh wouldn't eat tomatoes so they were all for Dad and I! It comes together in just minutes with only a few ingredients you are sure to have on hand. All it takes is toasted bread (the seedier the better, in my opinion), butter, salt, pepper, and of course, tomatoes.
Toast up the bread, spread of a thin layer of butter, pile on the tomatoes and finish it off with a sprinkling of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Another non-recipe recipe for you to enjoy!