Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kindergarten school shopping

It's that time already! Five years have passed, she is no longer a baby or a toddler. She has really turned into a little girl right before my eyes. Daycare and preschool are almost behind us.  Yep, Kaydin is heading to kindergarten in just short couple of weeks!
 Oh how I wish I could rewind time and snuggle my little baby in my arms again. I miss her being a tiny little thing. Now she's over 4 foot tall with a huge personality and zest for life. She's pretty excited to get to kindergarten and my excitement is growing as well.
 Last weekend we beat the crowds of no-tax weekend here in Iowa and rounded up Kaydin's school supplies, a new backpack, and some new outfits for her new adventure in public school.

 She really wanted everything to be dolphins but when we couldn't find a dolphin backpack or lunchbag, Barbie was the trusty standby.
 I dug my old lunchbox out from her closet. This is the one I used when I was in kindergarten!
 When we got home she wanted to lay everything out to see all she had gotten. Do ya think she got enough?!?  Spoiled girl! She's set for the school year!

 She's got her backpack packed with her school supplies and knows the outfit she wants to wear for the first day. She's all ready! Now let's see if I am when I drop her off for that first day. I'm getting a little anxious but I know she's gonna do great!


  1. Omg I had that same lunchbox too!!!!!

  2. Oh man... I loved back to school shopping. I always loved packing my backpack as soon as we got home from the store!

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