Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest post: Words from Mom, part 1

I've decided to incorporate a new viewpoint into the blog. It is mostly family and friends that personally know my family and I reading the blog so I thought it would be fun for Mom to do a guest post here from time to time. She is creative in every way, even writing. Hope you enjoy!

Day by day I go through my routine thinking my life is boring...go to work a few days a week, which Mollie teases me about. She says I have it easy only working part time..I say I have earned it. Seems like I do the same old chores. Laundry, dishes and cleaning the floors (which Dennis says I obsess over), and dusting, which I hate to do but also hate seeing the dust all over the furniture (this is the chore I made Mollie do. I really miss her when its time to dust!!!). I'm sure we all think our lives are boring from time to time, but when I really think about it, my life is far from boring.  Some days I feel like I live in a zoo and run a circus- and I'm not just talking about the pets....Hello, have you met my family????  

Let's start wth my husband Dennis, one in he drives me crazy. Some days I can't stop laughing! He has a sense of humor that only comes from that Lyon blood running through his veins! Other days I can't stop screaming...I will just leave it as that. Dennis and I met on a blind date (which he jokes about everytime its brought up, saying he really was blind). Yep, 30 years ago! Guess we are doing something right. 

Dennis and I moved to Pocahontas in June 2008, close to his old stomping ground Manson/Palmer area. For me it felt right, like coming home, knowing this is where we belong.  Dennis and I have spent the last few years adding on to and remodeling our house. We started with a dinning room addition and new front deck, then moved onto an addition to the living room and added a new bedroom for us. Once we finished that project we decided to redo the bathroom. Were we done??? Of course not...remember who I'm married to! Yep, on to a kitchen addition, which is our current project.  I would guess we are about half way through this one, but there are days that I would take my old kitchen back just because the mess drives me crazy! Sometimes I think my house hasn't been clean since we started all these projects...It has really been trying living in a construction zone these last few years, but I know in the end it will all be worth it. Needless to say I will be glad when we are done. 

Ok on to Mollie...our little farm girl moved to the big city.  You all know a lot about Mollie already, let me tell you a few things you don't know...

Stay turned for more installments written by my mom!