Saturday, August 18, 2012

About Me- A to Z Style

Happy Weekend everyone!

A- Apples- I could eat an apple everyday of the year. And now that fall is coming I am so excited to make homemade applesauce again!

B- Brother- I have one brother that's younger than me. He's gonna be 25 soon! We are both so grown it's crazy! I still mother him and think in my own mind that he's just my little brother that still needs protecting. I'm sure he hates it, but he's still just a little guy to me that needs my guidance. lol

C- city- Des Moines, Iowa. I love my city. I moved here 9 (?!?!?!?) years ago for college and never left. I love that it's got a city feel but isn't too big, it's a great place to raise a family, and there's actually alot to do in this little city. And we're moving up in the world! We just opened a Whole Foods Market and I recently saw a sign on a building being renovated that Dunkin Donuts is opening soon. I won't be visiting DD cuz I rarely eat donuts and I don't drink coffee, but I think it's pretty cool DSM is getting new venues.

D- the Dramas. This is Tim's nickname for Kaydin and I. Us? Drama? I don't think so!

E- Efficiency- I have a weird OCD obsession with making sure things are done efficiently. If I have errands to run, I make sure to make my stops in the best possible order so not to waste any time! Even when picking up the house, I try to do them in a certain order so I don't waste time. At work I fill my water container on my way to the bathroom. Ask Tim, I obsess over making sure everything we do is efficient. I'm sure he gets sick of it, but time is precious- I don't want to waste any of it :)

F- Fall. My favorite season of all! The cool crisp air, wearing jeans and sweatshirts, back to school season, apples, pumpkins, college football, changing leaves, I LOVE fall! I wish it lasted longer than just a short few months!

G- Grocery shopping. Most people loathe this household task but I love it!! I love strolling the aisles and seeing all that's there. I always take a list and am sometimes in and out, but I actually really enjoy frequenting grocery stores.

H-  Homemade- I don't make everything homemade but when I can and am feeling ambitious I do. It's by far the healthier option. When you know everything that's going into your food you won't be eating extra additives and sugars that aren't necessary.

I- Ice cream- I love ice cream! But I'm not one to buy a carton and keep it in the freezer. I buy maybe two or three (at the most) containers of ice cream per year to stash in the freezer. I do love me some soft serve, though! But again I don't get it too much! I'll forever love the vanilla soft serve at the Mallard, IA Sinclair gas station. We used to get their ice cream when I was little on the way to the Algona racetrack. Now I satisfy my ice cream cravings at the little ice cream shop in Pocahontas, The Purple Cow. Well, actually I think it's called The Udder Cream, or Udder Cow or something like that. But when I was little there was a purple cow statue up in the air outside the store, so it just stuck!

J- Juicing- My juicer is probably my most loved kitchen appliance. The one I use is the Omega Vert 350. There are so many nutritional benefits to juicing and it tastes SO much better than store bought juice from a shelf. If you haven't had fresh juice, especially apple, find a way to try some stat!

K- Kaydin.  My beautiful baby girl! I can't believe time has flown by so fast and she is already headed to kindergarten this year. Everyday she amazes me with how smart she is and continues to always make me laugh with her funny statements.

L- Laughing- Whenever I'm with my girlfriends you can guarantee we will be laughing. I love having time to reminisce and just enjoy hanging out. A night of laughing with friends is good for the soul, everyone needs it! And when I'm not with my friends, I'm still laughing. Kaydin and Tim are free entertainment. They're always doing or saying something that makes me laugh.

M- Mason jars- These little jars just make me so happy. I actually don't use or incorporate them too much at home as of right now but I just love them! They fit perfectly with my little country chic style that I love so much.

N- Nutrition- One of my passions in life and something I care deeply about. Now, I could go on for hours on this subject--I won't-- but good nutrition is critical to your health. You can workout everyday but if you don't eat well you are not getting anywhere. There's always food controversy and the latest nutrition trends swirling through the news, but if you focus on eating whole foods, it's really not that hard. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lowfat dairy, and lean proteins is all you need to fuel your body. Now I'm not a perfectionist (i have a major sweet tooth) but it's all about balance. Now parents- set a good example for your kids and they won't be part of those staggering childhood obesity statistics. Don't put the junk food in your house and they won't eat it. Steam them some broccoli and they will! I could talk food and nutrition all day.

O- Organization- Now, I'm not the most organized person. But I do love to do it. I love to sort things, rearrange stuff, and take inventory. I don't do it as much as I should, but I love to clean closets, sort through cupboards, etc. The feeling after it's over is so satisfying! So the next time you need to go through that messy closet, invite me over! ;) I think those types of things are so fun!

P- Panera  Bread- Whenever we're out and about or wanting a quick meal I almost always suggest Panera Bread. I could eat there a few times a week. And if you make the right choices, it's not too bad health-wise.

Q- Quiet- This is one thing I am not! I was shy as a little girl, was crazy and loud as a tween, teenager, and college student. I would say I've stabilized pretty well in adulthood, but still would definitely not be classified as quiet!

R- R&B- My favorite genre of music.  Lyfe Jennings, Maxwell, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Jagged Edge, Trey Songz, and on and on and on.... I play my R&B playlist on Spotify at work almost everyday.

S- socks- I will NOT wear socks with holes in them. They go in the trash. Lucky for Tim, I do the laundry, and when I see a sock of his with a hole in it, into the trash it goes! I also will NOT wear a mismatched sock. Just. Can't. Bring. Myself. To. Do. It!

T- Tim- my boyfriend. So lucky to have found him! He treats my daughter as his own and has always been there for me. My rock.

U- Underwear- Hate wearing them! ...We'll just leave it at that! TMI?!? :)

V- Vacations- I LOVE to travel! If I could get paid to travel and pay the awesome! Dream job right there! I am so excited to see the world and experience all there is to do in other places. I have always loved geography and my first degree in college was business administration- Travel and Tourism. I have an obsession with globes and can't wait to stock my home with them. I love geography so much that one summer I studied my globe and learned new countries and even taught myself all the capitals of the US states. Then I even had my family quiz me on them! What a nerd I was!

W- Water- My most favorite drink ever. I down a bunch of water everyday. Well, except on weekends. I barely get 16 ounces down on Saturday and Sundays.

X- X is always a hard one to come up with. An easy cop out brings us to X-ray. I've only had dental X-rays. No other type for this girl. (Fingers crossed)

Y- Yogurt- I make my own! And frozen yogurt, too! But when I don't make it at home you'll find us at Menchie's for a frozen yogurt break. And whenever Noosa is on sale at the store WE.STOCK.UP! If you haven't tried it yet, go get some now! So good! It's like eating cheesecake, but with a good amount of protein!

Z- Zzzz's- I am not a morning person, nor am I a night owl. I hate to get up and moving in the morning but I also am never ready to go to bed at night. There's always more I want to do in the day. However, I do LOVE to sleep! But only during the night. I like to take naps, but I can rarely bring myself to do it because it's wasting my daylight!