Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whole Foods Birthday

Friday night Tim, Kaydin and I planned to go out to dinner for my birthday. I knew exactly where I wanted to go!

Whole Foods opened earlier in West Des Moines this week.  I knew it'd be a zoo to visit in the first week of opening, but we decided to brave the crowds anyway.  Kaydin and I got there a little before Tim on Friday evening leaving us some time to do some exploring. 

I can't wait to start shopping out of these bulk bins! Sooo many of them with so many options!

I think I'm rubbing off on Kaydin. She took over my phone while we walked around the store so she could take pictures. She took most of the pictures from above.  At one point, I turned around to make sure she was still behind me. She wasn't but was only a few feet back focusing the camera on my phone up at this brew wall.  Looks like I might have a little photographer on my hands.

I chose to try all the different salads they had to offer on their cold bar and also thew on a piece of salmon.  Yum! So happy to have this store in our community.  The prices may be a little higher than other choices, but the quality is so much higher. Great, healthy food to fuel our bodies.  And if you choose some of their items that are on sale for the week like I did, you can keep your tab pretty low!

So excited to try the coconut alomond mix!
Hopefully I like this natural, no-calorie cream soda. Cream soda is my favorite! I don't drink it often, though, because I don't like pop. It's just not worth it health-wise. I don't want the extra sugars and if you choose diet, you are just comsuming a bunch of chemicals. No thanks, I'll stick with my water ;) But maybe this Zevia will be a good find for the random carbonation craving Tim and I get.
Only $22 for all the things pictured above plus a couple more items that I didn't get in the picture. See? Who says eating healthy needs to be expensive. Sure, it can be. But if you do it right, it can be really cost-effective. Especially when considering how much is spent on junk food and unhealthy choices.  Even when choosing healthy options at a specialty grocery store, don't forget to shop the weekly specials!
After our trip to Whole Foods, this is what I saw when I walked up to the door.

Tim had decorated the kitchen area for my birthday! And we had a special treat to round out our night!  S'mores ice cream cake and a variety cheesecake platter. Does he know me or what?!? :)


  1. we made it there over the weekend and spent about $22, too! we got mostly produce. it was crazy busy on saturday, so i am eager to go again and be able to spend more time in each aisle. eric got the caffeine-free cola, and he likes it! i think it would be ok with some grenadine. :)

    1. Yea, if you do it right you don't have to spend a fortune. But i think my eager interest in that place will create a dent in my wallet :)

  2. I'm sure you've probably already tried your Cream Soda Zevia, but I must say, I don't drink pop often, but the cream soda zevia is one of my absolute favorites. So creamy and flavorful!!!

    1. I actually haven't tried it yet. Glad to know its good tho!


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