Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our "Stay"cation

Kaydin is still up at my Mom and Dad's enjoying her annual vacation with them. Tim and I had no big plans to celebrate some time alone, but we did have a few activities in mind that we could enjoy right in our own city.

My weekend started early with leaving work early Friday. Without having to get Kaydin ready and to school every morning this week, I was able to get to work and build up some hours to get out of the office early on Friday. I was able to lay at the pool for a short time before the rain and wind hit to start building a summer tan. After that, I spent some quality time with my couch and did nothing for a couple hours except catch up on my DVR until I met Tim at Wal-Mart. We're a crazy couple, I tell ya. Cruisin' Wal-Mart on a Friday night. Watch out!  Took the dogs for a walk once we made it back home and settled in to watch a movie.

Saturday morning we were up before 7am to hit the market before the intense heat started beating down. 

Our first stop was the Farm Boys breakfast burritos stand. Getting there early means beating the long snaking line that usually builds every weekend.

We split a burrito and then later hit the pupusa stand and split a pork and cheese one. Tim had never had a pupusa before, but I think he'll gladly choose this stand when visiting the market again.

Another stand we checked out was Pickle Creek from Brighton, IA. They had flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegars. Try them! They're good :)

So many fresh veggies! I picked out a couple tomatoes from the pile below to keep trying to re-create my new favorite caprese panini from Panera Bread.

We sampled a new wine vendor that we hadn't seen at the market before, Santa Maria Winery.  Locals- try this wine! Especially all you chicks out there that like sweet wines like all my friends and I. Soo good! We picked up the peach, blackberry, Rhuby Dooby (strawberry and rhubarb), and the Lincoln Highway (a semi-dry red that I actually really liked). Check out their website to see where they sell near you.

These are some of the new finds that came home with us.
Next on the agenda was hitting the shooting range.  Tim goes very rarely for fun and I hadn't yet been with him.  We decided it was a perfect day (despite the horrible heat) to take the short drive to Banner Shooting Range outside of Indianola.

I had never been so close to gun that was fired before (well, besides Dad's hunting shotguns). And then being at a range with multiple guns, it was LOUD!!


For dinner Saturday night, we decided to try a new restaurant that had just opened in Ankeny, Number 7. Tim knows the owner and we had had some of their catered food before, so we wanted to see how the restaurant came together. I went with the same dish I had tried of theirs in the past, the smoked meatloaf.  So good! Tim chose the pulled pork. He said it was the best he'd ever had! The BBQ sauce they serve at the table was really good. A unique blend of sweet, smokey, tangy, and spicy.

Once again, we got settled in at home for the night and watched another movie.

Sunday morning we tried a new-to-us breakfast place. I had heard about their breakfast burritos and knew Tim would like them.  Timbuktuu Coffee Bar is just down the street from my apartment but we had never been there before. The inside was decorated nice and really inviting. I don't know much about coffee but they seemed to have a pretty big menu. The burritos were missing, though, so I had to ask if they still served them. We got lucky, they do.  And boy, were we glad! They put the filled tortilla on a panini press and gives it a crispy crust. Really good! And cheap, too. They were only $2.99.  We also tried the cranberry orange scone. Creamy and soft on the inside with lots of cranberries speckled throughout. I suggest you visit!

After breakfast, we made a quick visit to Home Depot for some supplies for a couple home improvement projects that needed done. Tim got to work on those when we got back home and I retreated to the living room to rest my back.  It's been a long week of dealing with a cough and also a sore back. I've had a couple flare-ups of sore back muscles and this week was another one of them.  I need to rest up because soon I'm headed back out the door to see the movie all the other women I know are seeing this weekend, Magic Mike with my friend Summer! Should be a good one-- or if not, at least we will have some pretty guys to look at ;)

That sums up our weekend. Back the grind for a short week tomorrow! Happy 4th of July!!