Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Greek Dip and a Girls Night Out

This year for my birthday, I decided it would be fun to get together with some girlfriends since the last couple years I hadn't done too much. I'd been craving this Greek dip and I hadn't made it for awhile now so I figured this was the perfect time to bring it back out.  This is a super easy dish to make that can be used for many occasions and meals. It would be the perfect snack or even a light meal that doesn't require turning on the oven during the horrendously hot summer days.
I really hate to wish away summer, but this year I am looking forward to fall even more than I normally am. The only thing you can do outside in this sweltering heat is spend time at the pool. Kaydin baby's hair can only take so much chlorine-- and I can only take so much detangling! Let me just say again that I am ready for fall (or at least temps below 100 degrees).

First, layer a thin spread of plain Greek yogurt. Next, comes the hummus, your flavor of choice. On top of the hummus goes the tzatziki sauce.

Once your "spreadables" are laid, you are free to add whatever vegetables you choose. The best choices to match the yogurts and hummus are red onion, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olive, red and yellow bell pepper, and artichokes. Lastly, add a sprinkling of feta cheese. Perfection!

I put together a healthy little spread for us to munch on through the afternoon and evening before we headed out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.
The two white substances in the small bowls are a ranch dip and fruit dip.
For the ranch dip, I simply mixed 16 ounces plain Greek yogurt with a ranch dressing packet.
For the fruit dip, I combined 8 ounces cream cheese with one container of marshmallow cream. So easy and SO good! This is my favorite variation of fruit dip out there!

Little Miss crashed the party AND the fruit bowl!

Not often do I head out to the bars these days, but it's always fun getting together with the girls! Cheers!