Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Crayon Canvas Art

I completed another craft project! This time a really fun one to spruce up Kaydin's room.
If you are on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen this melted crayon canvas art.  It was surprising easy and really cheap!  I got my crayons from Kaydin's art box. Turns out she had a couple boxes of unused 24 packs of crayons in her art box already. But if you get your Crayola crayons now, they're only $.50 on sale during back to school time.  I also just happened to catch a great sale at Micheal's. I was in there browsing one day and realized I still needed to get a canvas to make this particular project. I found a 2-pack for only $5! Score!!
Supplies needed are minimal, also. Just a glue gun, a few glue sticks (I went through three), and a blow dryer.
The most time consuming part was gluing each individual crayon onto the canvas. Tedious task, but not unbearable. Make sure to face the Crayola label out so it is uniform.

Little Miss even helped with the melting. We found that using the high setting helped to melt the crayons really fast but once it started to drip, we quickly changed the blow dryer setting to low or else the wax would splatter everywhere. Once you got a some good "drippage" just guide your air stream down the canvas to make the lines of wax.

I  love our finished product! And the splatters that occurred when we didn't get the low setting flipped on in time made it even better. I love those colorful splatters at the bottom the canvas.

It's a really easy project but my artsy brother, Josh, should be proud! :)


  1. That's so awesome! I would have never thought to do something like that... and I considered myself crafty back in the day. Sigh...

    1. Me...I'm not crafty at all! But this was pretty fun and I think it turned out pretty well for doing it myself!

  2. Love this idea!
    If you like art you should check out my new art studio once it opens in October. We have family days for you and the kids to paint.

  3. I love this idea- it’s easy, affordable, quick and cute. Definitely my next project.

  4. Mollie Nice article about diy crayon.. its amazing how much we can do with these little things.
    i have also a little DIY about crayon candle.

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