Friday, July 20, 2012


I just stuck my SD card into my laptop to get some recent pictures uploaded for a new blog post. I was surprised to realize that I hadn't uploaded any pictures since 4th of July! That's very unlike me. I guess I was just being lazy when I thought to myself that I just had nothing to blog about lately.  Some things you'll be seeing in the future while I do some catch-up are...
  1. Trip home to get Kaydin from her vacation
    1. Swimming at Twin Lakes
    2. Big harvest from the garden
    3. Camping in the backyard
  2. My homemade vanilla extract is ready!
  3. My birthday!!  How am I 27 already!?!?  Seriously, it feels like it was just the 90's-- except those were already 20 years ago!
  4. Whole Foods opened in West Des Moines this week!

Until next time friends..... :)