Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nice Little Saturday

**Summer always gets so busy with various activities, plus time playing outside and enjoying the weather.  Last summer I didn't blog but only a few times. I hope to keep it up way more this year than I did last, but bear with me while we enjoy the season  (as is everyone reading, I'm sure ;) )
and my blogging may be sparse. Case in point: This post is not pertaining to Saturday that was just yesterday, but actually the week before**

Kaydin and I hit the farmer's market bright and early so we could enjoy a pupusa and a stroll before her last soccer game of the season (and possibly forever.  So far she doesn't want to play the fall season).  Visiting the farmer's market on a Saturday morning is one of my very favorite thing to do in the summer.  If you are local and haven't had the chance to visit the Downtown Farmer's Market, you really should add it to your to-do list.  Over 200 vendors now make up the almost four city block wide market.  There you can find just about anything to satisfy your taste buds.  We chose a pupusa, a specialty from El Salvador for our first visit of the season.  A pupusa is a homemade tortilla stuffed with your choice of pork, chicken, spinach, and cheese, with pickled vegetables and a salsa-like sauce.  Sooo good!

Next, Kaydin chose a cup of fresh watermelon and cantaloupe. We also came home with lots of fresh dill, beets for juicing, and some homemade lemon pepper pasta. 

I was excited to see recycle bins set out on the corner with the trash cans this year! Yes, I am one of those. I absolutely hate wasting anything and avoid throwing anything in the trash that can be recycled. I avoid it all at costs!! What can I say, I love my planet and want us all to be here for a really, really long time! :)

Kaydin made a cute pencil craft at the kid's table of the Pioneer booth before we made our way back to the car.

Next on the agenda was Kaydin's soccer game.

Later in the afternoon I had plans to meet up with a few of my girlfriends for a little pampering action.  Kaydin even got to tag along for this portion of the girls' day.  Later in the afternoon, though, she didn't get so lucky. Tim came to get her and they enjoyed an evening of shopping at the mall and stopping for some frozen yogurt.  A successful day in Kaydin's eyes!

After Kaydin left us, we headed out to Waukee to try the new Jethro's BBQ location,

We had to do a little taste-testing of all the BBQ sauces at the table.  Our favorite was mutual between the table was Jethro's Secret Sauce.  The least favorite being the Georgia Mustard.  Our meals didn't end up being our favorite BBQ we've ever had, but it was still all really good. What made up for it, though, was the 32 ounce mixed drinks that were on special for $7!! Can't beat that! And they even came in a mason jar! That made me love 'em even more!
I chose the Crawfish Cooler, a mix of vodka, peach schnapps, Strawberry Pucker, Strawberry puree & lemonade.  I am quite the lightweight, though, and had to ask for more lemonade to add in. I like my drinks to taste like there's no alcohol in 'em, aka NOT stiff. Even with adding some extra lemonade, I still felt a little heat in my belly after only a few sips! I am definitely out of practice.
 Our picks...Bunny's Cajun pasta, Kristyn's ribs (with amazing jalapeno cream corn), Ang's pulled pork and my Cajun blackened catfish.
 Krista with her pasta-- before she traded her whole meal for Kristyn.  Bun doesn't take heat well and that Cajun seasoning just wasn't working for her! Lucky for her Kristyn is a spicy food lover.

 This pic obviously isn't from that night but we didn't get a group one taken. This'll do though ;)  It's always a fun night when we all get together! Can't wait to see you all again!

***Ok quick explanation about Krista's nickname in case anyone was confused.  I call her Bunny or Bun cuz during freshman orientation she was my pick to be on my team for the Chubby Bunny competition.  Ya know the game, the one where you stuff your mouth with marshamallows one at a time and then say Chubby Bunny. She told me she was gonna win but ended up gagging on marshmallow #1!! So, Bunny has stuck since the first day I met her.

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