Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Main Man

Tim and I have spent a few birthdays together now and this one was by far the most jam packed.  His birthday was this past Saturday, June 9th, and we had Kaydin's dance recital and also my cousin's wedding.  Not Tim's first choice of birthday activities, but he smiled the whole day! That's why I love him, always so selfless. If you asked him about the day, though, he would say he didn't have a choice-- he had to go. lol.

Friday night Kaydin and I had to make a quick run to Hy-Vee for Birthday Breakfast supplies. Kaydin spotted a small M&M ice cream cake. We scooped it into our cart to share with Timmy for dessert that night. 

It seems that Kaydin getting her face shoved in the cake on Tim and I's birthday has become a tradition!

Tim is becoming like my dad in that he's getting pretty hard to buy for. His main interests are pretty big tickets items. And other ideas I usually have, he goes out and buys it himself before a birthday or holiday rolls around. 
In the past, Tim and I have kinda went all out for gifts (well he definitely does, I try to). This year I kept it fairly simple and put together a basket of some grilling items to expand his title of "Grillmaster". He recently mentioned that he'd like to try new things and cooking more. I also plan to have Tim choose a cooking class this fall when more are offered through community education for us to take together

Saturday morning we started our marathon of activities off bright and early with a full breakfast for the Birthday Boy.  Eggs, turkey sausage links, fruit, and vanilla bean French toast casserole (recipe to come).  After our family breakfast it was time to get the ballerina all dolled up and ready for her big performance.

A quick photo shoot outside the dance recital venue and we were on the road north to hit my cousin Angie's wedding. 

When we broke out the ice cream cake Friday night, Tim asked where his cheesecake was.  See, every year growing up he requested a cherry cheesecake for his birthday cake.  He didn't know it yet, but I had made arrangements with my cousin about a month prior to have a cheesecake made and delivered to surprise him with at the reception. I didn't get to make quite the surprise I wanted though, cuz some little girl had to leak our little secret. I didn't tell Kaydin until the night of the wedding that we had a cheesecake waiting to give to Daddy after we had eaten dinner. Well, the little stinker went back and told Tim about his surprise!! I held off telling her so she wouldn't spill and then with only about 30 minutes left, she goes and tells my secret! I should've known better. I've also learned to avoid taking her shopping with me for his presents. On his birthday two years ago she went to the mall with me to get him a couple new ties.  We rode the escalator in JC Penney.  The next time we saw him she immediately tells him about her escalator ride while at the mall buying his birthday present! Of course he pressed a little further and she revealed what we purchased on that shopping trip. 

Oh, well! Even though he learned about his cheesecake before I brought it out to him, he was still pretty impressed about the thought and planning behind it. A success, still, I suppose!
Happy Birthday, Timmy!