Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Wedding 2012, part 2 Angie & Nate

After Kaydin's dance recital, her Tim, and I hit the road to make it to the next event of Tim's over-booked birthday, my cousin Angie's wedding.  It was a warm and breezy day, but I would say she lucked out with clear sunny skies.

Her dress was beautiful and well-suited her!  Smiling beautifully as she takes her first walk back down the aisle with her now husband!! :)

For Angie's bouquet toss, she mentioned a few months ago to me that she was thinking of doing something a little different. She wanted to present someone in a committed, headed-toward-marriage relationship (ME!) with the bouquet rather than throwing it to one our younger second cousins-- usually the only ones that head to the dance floor during the bouquet toss anymore.  I didn't know her final plan until I heard that DJ announce that Angie would be doing the bouquet toss, only she had a little something different planned.
It was then that I informed Tim it may involve us!

Angie was the one that caught our cousin Jamie's bouquet back in 2005.  Now she ended up being the next Lyon girl to get married. Now maybe this will give me some luck to be the next one in line! (tim--hint, hint if you are reading this!)  Seriously, though, it was an honor for Angie to take the time and thought to think of Tim and I and present us with her flower bouquet.  It may be a tradition that maybe I'll keep carrying on!

I loved the concept of her guestbook table. It had the parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures Along with Angie and Nate's engagement picture.  I've seen this idea before through the web and just love it!

Congrats Angie and Nate! I wish you many years of happiness!
Until next time family.....