Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

The last week in May has already passed! Now on to June, I guess!
We started off our long weekend with a sleepover for Kaydin and date night for Tim and I.  We visited Trostel's Dish, a place I hadn't been before. It's a unique restaurant that offers small bites from many different areas of the world.  We ordered the Arancini and the Margherita cracker crust pizza. 

Both really good. I will gladly go back there again to try more of the many choices on the menu.  We planned on a movie but just didn't feel like sitting through the late show until after midnight.  We are getting soooo old!! :)

The next morning I picked Kaydin up bright and early  from her sleepover to get her to her hair appointment.  She had only had one haircut in her life and that was in February 2010. It was time to get those dry ends off and braid it up before she is in the chlorine pool all summer.
I love getting her hair braided! It is so cute and gives me a break from detangling for a couple weeks!

We ran a few errands the rest of the morning and helped Tim with some yard work in the high heat! The 90 degree weather on Saturday made it seem like it was the middle of July, not Memorial Weekend!  We finished up Saturday with a BBQ with some friends.

Sunday morning, Tim made Kaydin and I a great breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, sausage patties, and eggs with sausage and cheese.  See? the boy can cook! And i think he actually enjoys it!

After breakfast, Kaydin and I packed up and headed back to Mom and Dad's house for the rest of the weekend. Mom, Kaydin, and I did one final sweep of the ditches around their house to find some late asparagus.  We were successful! I found a new direction to go and hit the jackpot of asparagus patches for the coming years!

Kaydin got a kite from her school for the preschool graduation.  She conned her Uncle Joshie into getting it rigged up for her. It was pretty windy on Saturday but she did a good job-- for awhile.  The wind gusted and her kite got away from her.
And this is where it ended up! Way up high in a tree.
She thought she could get it no problem. She just needed a boost from Joshie. That little monkey wrapped her legs around a branch and she just hung there.  She wanted to keep going even higher, she just knew she could get her kite out the tree! We persuaded her to come down, though, and pawned the job off to Papa when he got home from work.  He got off easy, though, because when they went out to get the kite down, the wind had done the hard work and it was already on the ground.
Later that evening after we grilled some food, we headed back outside to do some weeding in the garden.  Lots of things growing this year. Onions, garlic, scallions, Brussel sprouts, romaine lettuce, peppers, carrots, many volunteer tomatoes, dill, and cilantro.
The next morning we got to work on replacing my brake pads. I think it's time to replace them when you can hear metal grinding when you push the brakes.  Good thing Josh and Dad are handy with cars. It's saved me piles and piles of money over the years.
While we did the hard work, Mom and Kaydin did some digging in the sandbox out by her playhouse.

Next up was lunch, then cake and ice cream for the birthday girl! Only 28 years young this year, so she says. But Kaydin is the only one that believes that. 

I finished up folding my laundry- yep, I still bring my laundry back home sometimes. I'm pretty independent but that's one thing where I just haven't broken the cord. :)

One final stop by the cemetery to visit Grandma and Grandpa Lyon and Gary's grave site and we were on the way back to Des Moines.  So many flowers laid out this year, so pretty and full!

How did everyone spend their Memorial Weekend?