Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homemade vanilla frozen yogurt

This time when I made my homemade yogurt, I made a big batch so I would have extra to make some frozen yogurt! I had been wanting to try for awhile and decided it was time to stop putting it off. I browsed the web and found a pretty standard recipe of 3 cups plain, strained yogurt, 3/4 cup sugar, and some vanilla.
Ok, time to try this cheesecloth thing again. This time I used a double-boiler-type method.  I used a strainer over a mixing bowl to catch all of the drained whey.  I also used a bit bigger piece of cheesecloth than I did last time so it was big enough to stretch over all sides. 
Once my set up was complete I popped it back into the fridge to strain overnight. The next morning I had creamy, thick Greek style yogurt, perfect for making frozen yogurt!
Mix up your three ingredients and into the ice cream maker it goes.  One thing I did change about the standard recipe was using vanilla beans on top of vanilla extract. I order my vanilla beans from Amazon for wayyy cheaper than in stores.  If you need vanilla beans, order them here! I use vanilla beans in just about everything that extract is called for. It gives it great vanilla flavor! Takes it more over the top and just extract does.
Let the ice cream maker works its magic and you'll be enjoying fresh, homemade vanilla bean Greek frozen yogurt in no time!

Recipe and methods shown here.