Monday, May 28, 2012

Homemade Harvest Baskets

I came across a picture of the below harvest basket online one day. Not at all sure how I even found it, though. I copy and pasted it into an email and sent the picture off to mom with the subject being "i want one. for real. tell josh."

I was so excited to find one on the deck for me the next time I came to Mom and Dad's house! Josh made one up quickly out of pieces of metal and old barn wood we had around the shop.  An exact replica of the picture I saw!!

I also had him made another smaller size when I was there.    One that would be more manageable to carry. He whipped it up in no time! If you don't have a home garden to havest fresh fruits and vegetables from, you could also use it as a planter in your flower garden or on the patio.  Lots of ways to dress it up and make your yard the much more original. 

He's taking orders (for a small fee, of course)! Let me know if you'd like one! The top one pictured is about 2 foot long and the bottom one about 1 foot.