Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family Wedding 2012, part 1 Chris and Taylor

This weekend I made the drive two hours north for my cousin, Chris's wedding. The weather was pretty iffy up until the 3:30pm ceremony, but they lucked out and were married with the sun shining! The Friday night rain, though, pretty much sealed my fate of dealing with muddy dogs for the weekend. 

They love to explore when I take them up to Mom and Dad's house. This time I think they went straight for the mud hole!

I wish I had some good pictures of the wedding party and the flower girls. Taylor made them all! She's a crafty one!

 Kaydin was so anxious to hit the dance floor, she helped clear tables off to make the dancing portion of the reception come even faster! She quickly found some dancing partners and there is where she stayed the whole night.  When we left at 10:15 Josh had to pry her from the dance floor. She was still going strong!
For the dollar dance she chickened out and wouldn't dance with Chris. She did hand him the money but then was too shy to follow through and actually dance with him. Good thing Taylor stepped in!

We even got Dad to partake in some family photos! Usually he's hiding from my camera.

I know Aunt Carolyn is always up for a photo op!

Next month it's Angie's turn! See you all then!