Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Superstar, part 3

Friday night we headed to the other side of town to find two other billboards that were to be posted for the month of April.

We found them!! A Kaydin Baby 30 feet tall! So cool to see! She was definitely giddy to see herself and we are so proud of her for her accomplishments!
 This one is at SE 14th and Maury St.

 This one is placed on Kia just to the SE of the University and Carpenter intersection. It was placed on a hill where we could easily climb up onto the platform. So that's just what we did!


After checking out the billboards we proceeded on with Pizza Friday Night. It had been a few weeks since we had pizza so we decided to try a new place, Gusto Pizza Co. Fun atmosphere, a large wine and beer selection, and great pizza! If you are in the area, near Ingersoll and MLK Parkway, check it out!  We chose the buffalo and pesto with balsamic chicken, both really good :)  Let me know your favorite when you stop in! Next time I'm definitely trying the Il Figaro!


  1. Where are parts 1 and 2? I'm confused..but yay for Kaydin! Tell her that Aunt Traci says she needs her autograph :)

  2. I posted parts 1 and 2 in February and March. I'll have her start signing a stack of pictures ;)


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