Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

How was everyone's Easter weekend?  Great, I hope! Ours sure was! Packed and fun-filled! Kaydin had four different egg hunts, we saw both sides of the family, had some great eats, and finally took Kaydin fishing!
Friday our night was filled with pizza and billboards!

Saturday started bright and early with a trip back to my Mom and Dad's house. I played chauffeur to these two while they had fun in the back. 

Once we got up to Mom and Dad's house we soon were back out the door to our first egg hunt of the weekend. We ventured over to Albert City where Dad's company was sponsoring the town egg hunt.

A quick sweep of the eggs and they were all gone! On to the next one! We headed back home for some lunch and then went into Pocahontas. We try to attend this one every year.  I think the crowd gets bigger and bigger every year.  So many eggs but it only took about 20 seconds for them all to be in the kids' baskets. 

Because of the many community donors to the egg hunt every year, they also provide each child with their own basket of goodies. The room was filled with Easter baskets!

A sure sign it's spring is blooming lilacs! This is one type of tree/bush I hope to have in my yard someday!
Now that the weather is nice again we busted out the Ladderball game when we got back home.  Girls against boys!!

The losers!!
The girls were the loser of game 2 :(  It's now 1-1. We'll be keeping our tally going through fall.  I'm sure the girls will come out on top, though!

After our lunch of pork loin, cheesy potatoes, and a few other things it was time for egg hunt #3. While Kaydin was searching the yard, she kept saying, "That sneaky bunny!" She was just in awe that she did not see him hiding eggs!
Look! A dollar bill!
Tim and Kaydin hopped on the four wheeler for a quick ride before we cut into the carrot cake Mom made.

After dessert it was time to head back to Des Moines where we showered and crashed after a long, fun-filled day!

Easter morning Kaydin woke up to her Easter basket from the Bunny.  He was following her all over the state!! She was extra shocked and excited to find all the remaining beanie baby chipmunks to round out her gang. Now she has all six!

After a stop to pick up breakfast to-go and some worms (not in the same place, of course), we were on our way to Tim's Dad's house for Easter breakfast and fishing in his pond.

Kaydin was a champ! She even baited her own hook. 
We only caught three fish, this one being the biggest!
She wasn't scared one bit! She's a pro!

The rest of our afternoon was spent searching for more eggs that were left at Tim's house, that sneaky bunny! We finished the evening watching Hop. Good movie! After that full weekend I was wanting just one more day for the weekend!