Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Superstar, part 2

Right at a year ago  Kaydin was part of a photo shoot with the Iowa Department of Public Health for their Pink A Better Snack program.  It was lots of fun and she did a really good job! She even earned her first paycheck! Well they actually paid her in cash but we still have that $20 bill. We've been meaning to frame it for her just haven't thrown it in one yet. 
Anyway, as pictures are getting used and chosen where to be placed, I have been getting notified.  Last fall her picture was used as posters and placed in Wal-Marts and Hy-Vees throughout the Des Moines metro area.  A couple months ago I got an email that her pictures were being used on a few billboards this spring. Last weekend when Mom and her friend, Carla, were here we set to find them.  As of now, only one is up. It's at 2nd and Forest Ave. The other should  be up any time now and that one is at SE 14th St and Maury.  More will also go up in April.  If you are in these areas be on the lookout!!
I spotted this billboard before we even crossed University Ave.  I told Kaydin I could see her big picture.  It was so fun to see her reaction when she saw herself so big! She was so giddy and excited!

You may remember me mentioning a meeting Kaydin and I went to a few weeks ago.  We visited a local talent agency in Des Moines that places you with clients for photo shoots.  I submitted a few good shots including her pictures from this shoot.  After seeing her pictures, he wanted to meet with her.  He loved her look and wants to work with her! It will just be a hobby with shoots coming sporadically and hopefully add to her college fund along the way!

I'll post more billboards as we find them ;)