Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

I bought a bunch of asparagus just over a week ago.  I knew I wanted to use some of the asparagus for a "recipe" I had seen many times online and in magazines over the last couple years. I had some prosciutto in the freezer leftover when I used it for pizzas a couple months back.  Perfect! Now I just had to actually put the two together. I couldn't keep putting it off because the asparagus was entering the use it or lose it stage.  
Monday night I finally pulled the prosciutto from the freezer and trimmed up the asparagus.  

Next, I wrapped the spears in all of the remaining prosciutto I had in the freezer. I tore the meat in half and that was still plenty to wrap around the asparagus.  And because I am a fat-phobe, I tore off all the extra fat along the edges of the slices.  Now matter what kind of meat, whether it's ham, chicken, steak, pork chops-- anything, I will spend more time prepping the food that actually eating it. That is prepping it by removing ANY and ALL visible fatty or grissely pieces. If I miss even a little bit and it ends up in my mouth, it will for sure be coming back out! Just.can'! I remember when I was little at family gatherings a cousin, aunt, and uncle actually fought for the fat chunks off the meat. Just thinking about that grosses me out!! Ick!

After baking in the oven for about 20 minutes the aspargus is roasted and the prosciutto crispy.  The combination is great! Tastes like it's wrapped in bacon but even better. And way less fat! ;)

So this is what you can call a no-recipe recipe.  Just two ingredients and pop 'em into a 425 degree oven.

It's almost asparagus season! I'll be home over the next couple weekends. With all the early blooms this year I hope the asparagus is growing already, too. You better believe I will be back at Mom and Dad's searching the ditches!


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