Friday, March 30, 2012

Pesto Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Monday night Kaydin and I had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. One of my trusty favorites for a quick and easy meal.  Tim, however, is not as fond of this meal.  A couple years ago when I needed something for supper for all of us one weeknight, I made this meal. He wasn't impressed. Turns out it's just not one of his favorite meals. Soup in general is just not a go-to for him.  Men!
It is a go-to for Kaydin and I, though. Actually this winter it was an everyday for Kaydin. All the girl wanted was soup! Then she was in a sandwich phase for awhile.  So anyway, when Tim is away with meetings on Monday nights, Kaydin and I get to come up with our own meal.  And since she is soup-and-sandwich-obsessed, she was excited about this one!

This soup is my favorite! Not homemade but still just as good!
Note- I tried the low sodium kind to have better nutrient stats, but it is just not as good as the regular. I think I'll be switching back next time.  Pour this in your bowl and pop in the microwave and the soup is all done. Now to the sandwich...
I use this little baby to make paninis and hot sandwiches.  One of my Black Friday buys a couple years ago at Target.  Not the highest quality, I'm sure, but hey- it was $3 and it does the job!
I spray my bread with olive oil using a mister I picked up at Trader Joe's last year. I like misting it rather than slathering the slices with butter. A little healthier this way.

To make my grilled cheese sandwiches extra good I add a couple different kinds of cheese and also some of my homemade pesto! Yep, pesto. And homemade. Everyone should make their own pesto. Super easy! I'll be posting about that later this summer.  It was actually my friend, Summer,who taught me how to make it and lets me steal some of her basil every summer.
The cheese I used this time was deli slices of American and some shredded mozzarella. I have been adding shredded mozzarella since high school. One night when a bunch of us were hanging out on the weekend we decided to make grilled cheese sandwiches. One of my friends added the mozzarella, something I hadn't tried before. It made it so much better! And that's how I've been making them ever since! Try it!
Close the top and in a couple minutes you'll have toasted bread and ooey, gooey cheese and pesto. Perfection!